Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fire Cheesesteaks

A while ago, when I started blogging about how bad I suck at life, Hub had a concern.

Hub: “I think if you take pictures of everything you do, every step of the way, things will go according to plan and there will be no disaster”

I am here to report that is not the case. In fact, I may have just encountered the worst disaster yet.

While browsing my favorite recipe website today I came across a few that I would love to try. Everything that I have made from Favorite Family Recipe has been super amazing, and many have become “repeat recipes” at our house.

I decided that I was going to try to make Easy Philly Cheesesteaks. I just now noticed that the word “easy” was in the title. People, don’t be confused, they may be simple, but I wouldn’t go so far as to call them EASY.

I drove my booty to the store, got all my goods, and came home super excited to make Hub a sandwich and potato wedges (also amazing). So here it goes, step by step to ensure that I do not mess it up.


First I made the potato wedges. Yum Yum Yum!!

IMG_5421 (2)IMG_5422 (2)IMG_5427 (2)

These are easy. I think the pictures explain it all. Then pop them in the oven at 450 for 35ish minutes, or until golden brown and soft all the way through. (Note: make sure that you set the oven at 450 NOT 350… not like I know from experience….)

Then carry on with your main entrée.

 IMG_5430 (2)

*Please excuse the absence of the cream cheese, but it is VERY important!!!*

Combine your can on beef broth and a package of your onion soup mix and bring to a boil, then add your roast beef, and simmer for about 10 minutes (or longer if you are me and need to figure out what the crap you are doing)

IMG_5431 (2)

*Pre beef, obvi.*

Sautee your onion and pepper in a large skillet. When the roast beef is done simmering, add it to your onions and peppers along with 4 oz. of cream cheese. (or more if you are me and A. love cream cheese, B. have no idea how much 4 oz. really is).

IMG_5432 (2)IMG_5434 (2)IMG_5435 (2)

*That really was a ton of cream cheese. A TON.*

Spread the remaining cream cheese on your hoagie’s and add a mucho grande amount of your beef mix. Place your provolone cheese on top of that and pop those bad boys in the oven on broil until your cheese is super gooey and your buns are just barely broiled.

I know this is the part that you are waiting for, forget the directions, they aren’t very good anyway. You are so excited to see the finished product and be so jealous that we had this amazing dinner… but what I’m about to show you is far from perfection.


IMG_5436 (2)IMG_5437 (2)

This is real. You think that its just really really burnt? No no no. I’ll tell you what happened. I quickly set the place mats down (ok maybe we are using dish towels at the moment because our place mats had bugs living on them (groooooooooossssssssss), grabbed two water bottles and put them on the table, turned around to bend down and open the oven, and then I saw the tragedy. My delicious easy cheese streaks were engulfed in flames. I stood up really quick because I didn’t believe my eyes, bent back down just to double check to make sure my worst night mare wasn’t coming true, and it was. Is it terrible my first thought was “where is my camera?! No one is going to believe this!” and then came reality, “OH ****!!!! THE WHOLE TOP OF THE OVEN IS ON FIRE!!! I HOPE IT’S JUST MY HOAGIES AND NOT THE WHOLE FLIPPIN GAS LINE”! Literally, the top of my oven looked like it was all on fire. The very center of the oven was in flames, and those flames were connected to my yummy dinner. I grabbed my oven mitt’s and ripped that cookie sheet out of the oven and blew out the flames faster than you could say “Only you could light dinner on fire”.

I was so so so stinkin’ excited to eat this meal, I can’t even describe it to you. I went outside to tell husband of our loss (he was cleaning the pool, surprised?) and then stumbled my way back down the hall into my smoke filled kitchen. Luckily I bought more hoagies, and the yummy beef hadn’t been scalded to death so I popped some new buns on a new cookies sheet and threw them in the oven that I had turned off. I left them in there long enough to brown and I kept my eyes glued to the stupid thing. I moved the gooey goodness from the charcoal onto the lightly toasted hoagies and dinner was back on, and you know what, IT WAS AMAZING.

IMG_5439 (2)

Next time (if I’m brave enough to ever use the oven again) I might find out how much 4 oz. of cream cheese really is, but other than that, no changes whatsoever. Oh, except of lighting everything on fire. I’ll leave that one out… hopefully.


Not even documenting my semi-step-by-step dinner can save me from myself.

Yours truly,

                       -The Natural Disaster


PS. Please don’t tell me I’m the only one who has encountered a fire in the kitchen. Please?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Yum Yum Chicken Lime Tacos

We are so excited to go to Mexico on Friday, it’s not even normal. To celebrate this joyous ocastion (going to Mexico) I’ve been making a lot of Mexican food lately. I didn’t do it on purpose, but I have decided it’s because I’m so stinkin’ excited that subconsciously I'm trying to prepare our bowels! It started off with this tasty little number. Would I dare say that I used everything that they used? No at all. What kind of dinner would it be if I wasn’t substituting this for that, or making my own buttermilk? Not a very good one I’d say. But here’s the recipe.

1 1/2 Lbs. chicken, cubed
1/4 c. red wine vinegar
juice of 1 lime
2 tsp. sugar
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. black pepper
4-5 green onions, chopped
4 cloves garlic, minced
4 Tbsp fresh cilantro (or to taste)
Flour tortillas

Optional toppings:
Pico de gallo
sour cream

Sauté chicken in a medium skillet in a little oil for a few minutes until chicken becomes white all around. Combine vinegar, lime juice, sugar, salt, pepper, green onion, garlic and cilantro and add to chicken. Simmer for an extra 10-20 minutes until chicken is cooked through. Add chicken to tortillas and top with lettuce, tomato, cheese, avocado, cilantro, salsa, sour cream, or any other taco topping you like!

Simple, yah? It really was super easy, and I even took 2, count them, 2 pictures of the process.
I’m not super good at multitasking, so this shouldn’t surprise you that I totally forgot about taking picture of the process. You can imagine it though.
Here’s what I substituted:
Red Wine Vinegar= Apple Cider Vinegar
Garlic= Some garlic salt (when I opened up a clove it had started to grow a plant… I’ve had it for awhile apparently)
+ a jalapeno and it was grrrrrrrrrrreat. It says to add it to the top, I just mixed mine in with everything else!
+ I melted the cheese on the tortilla on the griddle for a little Café Rio feel, and I’d do it again.
Have I ever mentioned that we live in a kinda ghetto part of town? It’s older, like our house was built in the 1940’s kind of older. So naturally the closest grocery store isn’t so much marketed toward Americans, but I just love it! I’ve only been a few times, like twice, but I decided that if I’m making tacos, I’m making Mexican grocery store tacos!
Doesn’t it just look magical? I wish you could hear all the mariachi music that they were playing, it’s amazing. They really did have the best produce, and it was stinkin’ cheap.

What’s your favorite taco recipe? Or Mexican food recipe really. Share it with me, pleeeeeease!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oats, Oats, Oats, Opples and Banonooooooos

Oh, hey blogosphere, I’ve missed you. I have so much to say to you, I could fill up a whole book with the amount of posts I want to post. But, I wont. I’ll just let you in on my latest and greatest.


The other day, before work, I decided that I would eat breakfast. I never eat breakfast (sue me) because I never have time. Even if I wake up a little bit earlier so I can eat something, I never do because I have that much more time to get ready. But on this particular day I didn’t have to get ready until 11:30, so I picked myself up off the couch and headed for the kitchen. I had decided that oatmeal was going to be my best option. I did what  any other lazy person does, and I made it in the microwave (it’s so much better on the stove) because I was on the phone with my sister-in-law. I love oatmeal, and I love to put a little milk and some brown sugar in it. I got out my brown sugar and noticed that it was very, very brown, like a dark brown, and when I put my spoon in it, it kind of just turned to mush. I remembered that a few WEEKS ago I put a little slice of apple in it to bring back the moister. I mom did this all the time growing up, but I’m pretty sure that it worked out for her because she wouldn’t go weeks between using her brown sugar. I was instantly grossed out and threw it away. What else do you put in oat meal? I love it an all, but just blain, boring oatmeal? Nooooooo thank you. I thought to myself “I like the apple and cinnamon kind you can buy, so I’ll add cinnamon”.


Boooo. It was so chalky, it needed sugar. So I added some cinnamon sugar, and that was just as chalky, with the tiniest taste of sweet, but nothing that I wanted to suffer through. So I finally got smart and asked Winter what to do. She’s a mom, she has to know the best thing for my oatmeal. She recommended honey. HONEY! Why didn’t I think of that?! My honey bear lives right next to my cinnamon, and right below my brown sugar.


GENIOUS! So I added some honey, mixed it up, settled in for what I thought was going to be the best breakfast of my life, took a bite, and nearly “lost my cookies” if you know what I’m sayin’. Honey and oatmeal were such a terrible combo. The sticky honey consistency and the creamy oatmeal were so mean to each other I was forced to just give up. Not to mention that the cinnamon and cinnamon sugar wanted nothing good to do with everything else going on in the bowl. Needless to say, it accompanied the brown sugar in their forever home.


I was then forced to be healthy. Maybe this terrible experience with the oatmeal was my sign from the Healthy Gods smacking me in the face.


I have seriously eaten an apple in peanut butter multiple times this week. It is very yummy, but sometimes I pretend that the peanut butter is Nutella and it just rocks my world.


What would you have done in this breakfast crisis? What do you put on your oatmeal? What’s your lazy person breakfast?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Essie Round Two

Where do I even begin. Well, you all know about this post right? The one where I went on and on about NAIL POLISH?! Get ready for round two, ladies and ladies, because it’s a doozy.

Today, the best thing that could have happened to me, happened. We were over staffed at work, and my assistant manager kindly let me and another girl know that someone could go home early. Early as in, like now, early. So I took her up on that offer, stayed until my appointment was over and left before 11:00. That’s right peeps, I wasn’t off until 5:00 but I left at 11:00!! So I called hub, set up a lunch date, and got my bootay out of there.

After my amazing lunch date with Hub (Thanks hub), I headed over to Taylor’s house to pick her up so we could do some damage. What damage? Essie damage. Duh. Thanks To Miss Amy (isn’t she amazing?) we knew where to find the best Essie nail polish, at the best price. To be honest, I was scared because this is what her comment said:

“There is a nail supply shop in the Lee Lee's (asian grocery store) on Dobson and Warner. It's on the side of the shopping complex (to the right of Lee Lee's) on the Warner Rd. entrance. You can get ANY OPI or Essie nail polish there. OPI is $4 credit card, $3.50 cash. Essie is $3.50 credit card, $3 cash. AMAZING. They have the nail salon quality everything there. Best acetone ever too. Have fun and fyi, you WILL be overwhelmed! ;)” 

The warning at the end wasn’t enough for me. I needed someone screaming in my ear while bright red flashing lights were going off in my face to prepare me for how overwhelmed I’d actually be. This man alone should have been enough of a warning….
And this is what we saw when we walked up…
If this doesn’t scream sketchy, I really don’t know what does. Don’t worry everyone, outside of Hollywood Nail Supply they just have like half their inventory just chillin’. It’s really NBD.

Warning, these next pictures are very very exciting. I get butterflies just thinking about them :) sigh….

They seriously had boxes and boxes and boxes of nail polish EVERYWHERE! It was stacked on top of each other on the floor, shelves, outside, literally everywhere they could find a place, there was nail polish. I’ve never been somewhere so insane in my life. They had millions of colors, I’m pretty sure at one point I stopped breathing, not because of the smell of nail polish (and it was strong after we tried on aprox. 100000 different kinds) but because I could die I was so happy. I’m pretty sure they had 99.9% of colors Essie ever made… except Turquoise and Caicos! Can you believe it!? I would have even settled for something remotely close, but there was nothing! Tay, can we share custody of yours? Pretty, pretty please? I’ll buy you a Coke Zero with infinity limes (if you turn me down I don’t think we can be friends).

I was so excited that after looking around I even bought some super duper top coat. It’s the legit stuff that they use at nail places and I will tell you what, I have never been happier! It’s thick, but not bulkey, and it dries in record time. After going to this place, I may just start my own nail services. If anyone needs me to do their nails I would be more than happy to, as I’m sure Taylor is as well.
IMG_4226 IMG_4227 IMG_4228
And to top it off, they don’t care if you try on a million different colors. Really, we covered both of Tay’s hands in nail polish and they never said one word. AND when we were checking out, the man was super nice and I felt right at home as if I was actually getting a pedicure, not just doing my own.
Left to right, Bottom Row
Left to right, Nordstrom Colorized Order
Merino Cool
Merino Cool
Boat House
Soiree Mauve
Sew Psyched
Sew Psyched
Super Duper Top Coat
Baubing for Baubles

Aren’t those the best names?

Then I saw it it. A display that was just as amazing as the Essie display (and you know that was just sick), they had GEL NAILS!!! (the crowd whispers) “What? They had gel nails? Is that even possible?” Yes folks, it is. The following conversation took place…

Me: “Tay, we seriously could do our own nails. I’m over paying people to do this. I want to try the gels”.
T: “You have to like take classes for that stuff”.
Nice Asian Man: “You don’t take class”.
Me: “See, you don’t have to take a class. How do you do it?”
Nice Asian Man: “You watch youtube video”.

That’s how it’s done people. All this time you thought you were getting your nails done by a professional, think again. They just watch youtube. So get excited, I’m ready to head back and get me some jell nails!

PS. I got these picture messages about an hour after I got home


Amazing right? I’m loving the ring finger painted another color. When I got home I painted my toes Boat House and my fingers Sew Psyched, because I’m sew psyched!

What did everyone think about their Essie Nail Polish now that you’ve tried it? Amazing, yah? I’ll never go back. What other amazing beauty products do you swear by?

Ps, I love that cousin Paige sent me this picture at Target, $7.79. We LOVE Target, and we LOVE LOVE Essie
photo (2)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Oh Essie

Recently my friend Taylor introduced me to a new kind of nail polish. I am a die hard O.P.I. fanatic so I was hesitant to say the least. The color I tried was Turquois and Caicos by Essie.
Amazing, amazing. I know. I thought it was super cute and I had nothing else to do than paint my nails. Well, let me tell you everyone, I have written off O.P.I. (ok maybe that was a little dramatic) but Essie is probably my new favorite kind of nail polish. When I say new favorite, I mean I think about buying it all. day. long. It’s like magic on your nails. You know when you get you mani and it just isn’t cuttin’ it anymore come day 3 or 4? It’s all chipped and faded, and it kinda just looks like your 4 year old neighbor did it instead of a professional? Well folks, Essie is a different story. It’s like using a super shiny, smooth kind of paint on your nails, and you don’t have to be a professional! One coat wont do it, but that’s ok because I am obsessed with doing multiple coats. I had the Turquois and Caicos on for over a week with very minimum fading around the edges. I washed my hands like a million times during that week, and showered, worked, even used nail polish remover on my toes and it still stayed on. Now with you understanding just a tiny bit about how awesome this nail polish is I’ll tell you what else I did on my day off other than clean.

I knew I had to buy myself some Essie nail polish because I couldn’t ask Tay to bring hers to work like everyday. I had already checked at Fry’s, and they had nothing. Taylor told me she usually buys hers at Walgreens which is perfect because there is a Walgreens like .25 seconds away from my house. So after I got my house nice a clean, I put my booty in the car, cleaning attire and all, and drove down there to get me some amazing nail polish.
I went straight for the beauty section and started hunting… and hunting… and hunting…. Nothing. My ghetto Walgreens doesn’t carry Essie. I then had this conversation with Taylor aka The Hottest Women Alive (obvi.)
And I did just that. I took my booty to the next Walgreens. Luckily, around these parts they aren’t few and far between. The other 24 hr. Walgreens is about .5 seconds from my house. When I got there, I again, headed straight for the beauty department. There it was, a big, beautiful display of Essie. There were like a million different colors, every shade of pink imaginable, and it was glorious. I thought the heavens opened and angels were singing… Turns out it was just the 12 year old girl standing just down the isle telling her mom all about how maybe next year she can be on the honor roll. She got a C in her class last year, but they will still let her take honors classes, very serious business people.
essie display
Anyway, I stood in front of the display super overwhelmed. This was my first official Essie purchase and I really didn’t want to mess it up. I planned on playing it safe and just getting the Turquois and Caicos like I had tried, but they were out. Of course they were out, this was my second Walgreens, and it was the only color I knew was super, and my life would be just way too easy if they had it. At the top of the magical display they have a row for the new season’s colors. New is always good. So I found a few colors I liked, and a few pinks, a purple here and there, but the only way you REALLY know if you like them is if you try them on. Obviously I did, and I was loving it. I got six colors in when the angels stopped singing and I heard a lady say “Mam, you’re not aloud to try the product before you buy it”. My eye’s went big and my heart skipped a beat. I had gotten in trouble and WALGREENS of all places. So I put all the color’s back except for Power Clutch and walked to the register. I bought my product and left. When I got home, I took this picture.
photo (1)
I bought the one on my pointer finger, but that’s only one coat. It’s amazing, but I’m thinking I need the one on my ring finger too?
I had no idea you weren’t allowed to try it before you buy it. I’ve always done that! No one had ever told me otherwise, and when I  told Taylor about it she judged me and said “hahahaha duuuuuuuuuuuuuhhh!!! You’re ridic!!”. If you only knew her voice you would be totally annoyed too.
The moral of the story is, I can’t even buy nail polish, of course I’m a disaster. I tried 2 stores, 6 colors, and walked away embarrassed with just one. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Have you tried Essie? What’s your favorite color? Or favorite kind of nail polish for that matter? Have you ever heard of this stupid rule?! I’m still upset about it, but it’s not going to stop me from buying nail polish again, now I know where to get it!

Friday, August 19, 2011


Since today is my day off, and not EVERY day can be like my last day off, I spend most of the day cleaning. I actually do enjoy cleaning, and I especially enjoy the outcome. But that is not the point. After I cleaned the family room (and it looks fabulous might I add) I was moving into the bedroom to fold laundry and be an extraordinary wife because rarely do I ever fold laundry. I realized while I was walking out of the family room and into the kitchen that the house was quite. I know that it’s never a good sign, and I also knew that I had already made the bed. That could only mean one thing….
*You can see in the bottom left hand corner another victim of Chiefs separation anxiety. Oh, Sweet niblets*
You can tell that he doesn’t like the camera much. He get’s a little upset when I point it in his direction. But really Chief, you had to go lay RIGHT where I was going to fold laundry. Not to mention that your black hair sticks out just a little bit on our WHITE bed?! I’m pretty sure that he thinks I’m doing him a favor by making the bed so that he can lay on it. Actually , Chief, that’s the exact opposite, I make the bed so no one lays in it and we can be productive.

I’m just glad that’s not my side of the bed…

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

“Leave a Message and I’ll Call You Baaaaaaaaaaaack”

While I was driving home today a song came on the radio. It was Spiderwebs by No Doubt. Talk about throw back right?! I remember being in like 3rd grade a singing the chorus on my friends family answering machine. “I’m sorry I’m not home right now, I’m walking in a spider web, so leave a message and I’ll call you baaaaaaaaaaack”. (Yes I recited that from memory). I would get so upset when her mom would change it. Why, Bonnie?! WHY!? Would you judge me if I changed my cell phone answering machine to me rockin’ out to this song? Maybe I would just record the actual song and not hire a bunch of 9 year olds to sing it for me. But 9 year olds sure do know how to sing.

On another note, this happened in my life today. UPSET!
This was my at like 11:30 this morning. I was getting ready to get in the shower, (Yes, getting ready to get ready) when I felt something weird when I went to itch my back. I had a heart attack. How nasty, how ugly, and how am I suppose to function with 3 different colors of skin right in one place! Tan line from my swim suit, tanned skin that’s not peeling, and then gross nasty underskin that’s tender and red. Blah.
As it turns out, life went on. While I was at work I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I would look at it, show people, and then peel. DON’T EVEN PRETEND YOU DON’T PEEL YOUR SUN BURN! It’s just so addicting. When I got home this evening around 10:00 pm, and looked in the mirror, this is what I saw.
Bllllllllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. It spread. I didn’t peel it THAT much! All my hard work is gone. and I’m depressed about it. I have Friday off, who’s coming over to lay out with me?! No one likes a pasty white wife! At least that’s what I tell myself, it’s perfect justification!

So, how do I stop this from spreading to the other side? Help a sista’ out! But more importantly, who’s coming to lay out with me on Friday?! Hub wont even care… Right hub?! :)

But in other really great news, my neighbors who live a few houses down have upgraded from tin foil covering their windows, to blinds! Now their super cute house can be even super duper cuter. Annnnnnnd when I drive by I wont be blinded by the sun reflecting off the tin foil into my retina's. A win win for everyone involved! Yay, neighbors, yay!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Today Was

One of those days. You know the day…..
-Where your feet feel like lead and walking is a huge inconvenience.
-When you wake up in the morning and your bed is begging you to stay.
-When you pushed snooze on your alarm clock three times this morning and told yourself “I’ll wash my hair tomorrow”, but you said that yesterday, and the day before… Gross.
*I had to put my hat on really quick to cover up my 4 day’s worth of greasy hair. Sorry*
-When you get home from work just after midnight, and have to be right back there 9 hours later.
-When your friend makes a very poor choice of where to sit to eat lunch. News flash, it was 105 degrees today and you are wearing a sweater and jeans. Don’t sit outside.
-When you eat all your lunch, and your lead feet became even heavier and the bed you left behind  is screaming at you to come home.
-Or when you "touch up" your nail polish just to make it worse. Like 100x's.
-When you really wish you learned to sleep standing up.
-Where traffic was out. of. control. on the way home.
-When you called your dad to remind him you are still alive and he say’s “Maybe I’ve just been reading your blog so I feel like I’ve talked to you lately”, but in reality you haven’t talked to him since he dropped  you off at the airport three weeks ago.
-Or When your mom said that she will talk to you on the weekend because she’s just too busy this week.
-When you got home from work and your dog had chewed on your kitchen table more, but you felt too bad to punish him because he was out of water and it’s 83 degree’s in your house.
-When, an hour after getting home from work, it’s still 83 degrees in your house, and you are still wearing a sweater.
-Or when a piece of Ooey Gooey Butter Cake magically made it’s way onto a plate, joined with a fork, and then disappears into a big black whole called “my belly”.
-When you don’t want to eat left over’s for dinner, and going to get something is too much effort?
-When you just want to sit and watch season one two and three of The Office because you love Jim Halpert so much it’s probably unhealthy?

Oh, you don’t have days like that? Well… then this is kinda awkward…
But if you do, I want to hear about them! Please!!

And I’m proud to say I just spent the last 30 minutes laughing my butt off at these youtube clips from The Office

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Natural Disaster: Hub Style

Today, while debating my writers block a disaster struck. It wasn't a huge one, but it's definitely one for the books.

Our pool is a bit problematic. It sits right in the north-west corner of our yard. It also happens that the neighbors to the north and the west have tree's that hang out a little too close to our pool. This causes the pool to be gross 95% of the time. Hub has tried everything. I mean e v e r y t h i n g g g g g. He has taken samples of the water to the pool store, just to have them tell him that the chemicals are great, it's the filter that's the problem. So he changed the sand in the filter, just to have the land lords tell him that they changed it not to long ago, but it's probably time to drain it and refill it. He has watched many many many youtube videos on how to keep a pool clean, change the sand, shock it back into usable conditions etc, etc, etc. I think he loves to hate it, and that's why he keeps doing what he's doing. We've talked about draining it and starting completely over, but who can honestly say they want to pay to fill up someone else's 1700 gallon pool? Not this girl, not this Hub. So here we are, a pool with perfect chemicals, but is slightly green and we (by we I mean Hub) can't control it. Does this stop us from swimming in it? Not on days when it's 115 outside and the house just isn't cool enough. Plus, who wouldn't want Chief to jump on them every 5 seconds while they were swimming?

*I took this picture the day we came to look at the house in December. I would kill to have it looking this good again.*

But today, today was like the first week that we moved in. The pool hadn't been maintained in months, and leaves were falling and the entire thing was covered. Every night, Hub would spend a good hour just cleaning leaves out of the pool and one gust of wind later, he would be right back to where he started. Today there was a flash back. I had picked up the bedroom, and he went outside to play with pool chemicals and try to clean it up a bit. He swept the patio, pulled a few weeds, and cleaned out the pool. It was perfect, and for a split second I really just wanted to sit outside and enjoy the evening. Just when I was realizing that it was 7:00 and still 10000000 degrees, Hub sighed that ever so satisfied sigh of accomplishment, and then it happened. The ever so slightest gust of wind came by and blew a bunch of leaves in the pool. and then another, and then another, and if I didn't see it with my own eyes, I might not even believe that Hub spend so much time out there today. He threw the net on the ground and came inside. All he said was "Every time".

*This picture was actually taken just after we moved in in December. The day before it looked exactly like this, and didn't get better for awhile*

How do we (Hub) deal with this?! Is anyone out there willing to be our pool guy for free?! I'll even let you swim in it for free... :) You can't resist swimming with Chief!

I hate to say it Hub, but my disaster's may be rubbing off on you... I'm sorry! Still love me?

PS. There were plans of having a video on this post, but I don't know how to do that! Help a Sista out!