Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away

Such a good Enya song. Can we all take a moment and recognize? Thank you. Moving right along...

In May, Jim and I went on a cruise to the Western Caribbean with our cute friends Brook and Kyle! It was so much fun and I think everyday about going back. So if anyone needs someone to go on vacation with them, Jim and I will be there in a heart beat! It was so nice to just relax and not think about work, or do anything that didn't involve a cookie at the end (kidding... kind of). We flew to Miami the day before and met up with Kyle and Brook and just hung out and went to dinner. Miami is so not my favorite place yet. I would like to give it a chance and spend a week there, on the beach, but that's just another excuse to go on vacation.

On Sunday morning we woke up really early (I mean REALLY early because they are 3 hours ahead of us) and went straight down to the port. We got there just in time to be inside for a rain storm. Lucky.
About to sail out of Miami
Our cute friends Kyle and Brook
Our room, pink trim and all

The first day we spent at sea. It was nice to just relax and lay out all day. I honestly don't remember what else we did that day, it was that relaxing! That night was our first formal night on the cruise!

At the comedy club
FREEZING on the boat in our hubs jackets

Our first stop was Cozumel, Mexico. It was amazing! We got to swim with the dolphins! We also got to swim with manatees! They are sooooooo cool!!!

Isn't he the cutest?

Our next port was Belize! We got to go zip lining through the jungle, and then went cave tubing! It was BEAUTIFUL!!

Driving to Cave tubing and zip line, sadly I don't have any zip line pictures

Kyle and Brook in the cave
Aren't those the most ridic get ups?!
It was seriously so beautiful! Pictures don't do it Justice. Brook and I kept saying that they should film movies here because its just amazing! I've never seen anything like it in my life.

Well This post is a lot longer then I planned on it being. We had so much fun it makes me sick thinking about it! I want to go back so bad. I'll post more about our next two ports of call later. For now, enjoy and be grateful that I've posted at all.

Better Late Then Never

Happy father's day to my Daddy!! If anyone know's my dad you obviously know he's the best. He's a perfect gentleman. As far as I can remember my dad has always opened my mom's doors, or go pull the car around. He always told me to wait in the car, or just stand by the car door until the guy I was on a date with would open it for me. I'm pretty sure that he would stand by the window when I would leave and make sure that the guy would open my door.
I love that my dad has made my friends just like part of the family. When I was living in Provo a few summer's ago Shelby and Melissa came to visit. He INSISTED everyday leading up to that point that we needed to take them on a hike to a lake to show them how "beautiful Utah really is". I hate hiking. My friends hate hiking. We thought it would be fun to go out the night before and not get home until like 3 in the morning then wake up at like 7 to meet my dad somewhere for the beautiful hike. It didn't turn out that bad with the help of a Sonic breakfast and a few cokes. At the end we went to these water falls and they were sooooo cool and my dad was a trooper the WHOLE time and took pictures of us. What a trooper of him. What other dad would take aprox. 4929743902834 pictures of his daughter and her friends and then title them "Princess' "? My dad would.

What a stinkin' trooper

Some more stinkin' troopers

My dad is also a pretty good cook. Whenever I come into town I request some odd meal from childhood that I'm obviously too lazy to ever make for myself. Like thin pancakes (not to be mistaken with crepes) or homemade ice cream. You haven't lived until you have had my dad's homemade ice cream. I'm just counting down the days until I'm in Utah and get to indulge in some DELICIOUS homemade ice cream.

Like father like daughter

Most of all I love my daddy because he loves me. He's always pretty much let me do whatever I want, like move to Arizona right after I graduated high school. His 18 year, youngest child, only girl, obviously favorite moved 700 miles away! He supported me all through college up until the day I got married (ok maybe even now my phone might rely on him a little bit :), thanks dad). Whenever I talked about changing majors in School he always talked me out of it because he knew that I am truly passionate about Fashion. He always believed in me and wanted the best for me.
Love this daddy