Wednesday, March 11, 2015


We woke up Sunday morning after we all had a loooooooong nights sleep. I really think we didn’t wake up until about 10, and didn’t leave the hotel until about noon. The first stop we made was heading down to Macy’s. I’ve never gotten so lost and confused in my entire life! It was beyond massive and trying to find an elevator to take back down was impossible! We ended up on the escalators going down, with a stroller, and that’s just not my favorite. But the original wood escalators? I just couldn’t get enough of them! They were the slowest moving cool thing I’ve ever seen. I loved them.


As a disclaimer I’d like to say that it has taken me FOREVER to write these posts and add pictures. I pretty much refuse to proof read and edit them before I post them. As I go back and relive/reread them I’ll catch my many errors and fix them then. But for now, I sleep.
I was super excited for day two because we had some big big plans, but also just for the fact that we were going to be spending more time in The City! The girls, and Jim got up early to go see the Rockettes! Everyone was telling us that we needed to go see the shows and musicals while we were there and I honestly can’t think of a more miserable thing. I hate musicals, go ahead and judge me. But the Rockettes, THE ROCKETTES! That’s different! Amazing dancing with such precision, and a Christmas theme ta boot? Sign me up! Cody was planning on meeting up with us for lunch with the little boys but after some unexpected car trouble he ended up staying home all day with the boys. I’m sure there are thousands of other ways he would have rather spent the day, but he handled it and even got a few hours to himself while all the boys napped.
Funny side story. As we were getting ready to go I was throwing up in the bathroom and Ridge and Jade were down stairs and they were hearing everything. Nicole came down and as we were talking I mentioned that I didn’t feel well but I would be fine and it would go away. With the straightest most shocked face ever Nicole looked at me and said “Are you pregnant”? I will never forget her face! I said yes and there was lots of jumping and squeals and excited noises. I brought up the conversation the previous morning with the Tylenol and she couldn’t believe that she totally missed the signs! It was all pretty funny. Anyway…

Monday, March 9, 2015

New York Part I

Dreams do come true! Over thanksgiving my husband granted one of my biggest wishes and that was to take me to my homeland, NYC (Oh you didn’t know? I have an East Coast Soul, so it’s about time my west coast body reunited with the rest of me) I will start this journey from the very beginning.