Wednesday, January 6, 2016

2015 in Review

It’s that time of year for my favorite blog post! I suppose there is so much more I could update here, but this is my favorite so I’m just skipping straight to it!



January is always such a slow month, and January 2015 was no exception. I was just exiting my first trimester and spending a lot of time sleeping and throwing up. We went with the Smiths to my favorite event of the year, the Chocolate Affair and managed to get no pictures. We also started working on our counters with a goal to be with the whole kitchen by Nixon’s birthday in February. I laugh at that now, how ridiculous!




In February we found out that we were having a baby girl! So many emotions! Just a few days after that my baby turned two!! We got him a scooter and he just pushed it around for about 3 months, but it was the cutest thing ever. This is also the month that I started having issues with my pregnancy. I started bleeding a few days after Nixon’s birthday and landed myself in triage for 45 minutes to be told everything was ok. I started to have a bunch of different Dr. appointments and busy season for Jim was in full swing!



With Busy season taking over my husbands life we had to make him see us. We took him lunch a few times, and soaked up every minute he was home (which were few). We spent time at the splash pad that Nixon didn’t care for, he just went for the snacks. I was put on pelvic rest and told not to do any heavy lifting or work out at all. How on earth are you not suppose to pick up your child when you are the only adult he see’s all day? Impossible!





April was such a fun month!! We started out by celebrating Easter and a few days later my parents (and the rest of my family) came to town for Richards wedding! We went to the zoo with my mom while Jim worked of course, and my dad played golf. Jim managed to work 80 hours one week, and 70 the next so he could make it to most of the wedding festivities! The poor man was exhausted. After busy season we celebrated it being over, along with both of our birthdays. I even got to go on a fun girls staycation for Paige’s birthday and it was just what I needed! We stayed up all night laughing, crying, chatting, and walking the hotel in robes.




May was an absolute roller coaster. It started out with some steroid shots in my butt for the baby. It continued down hill when I attended the funeral of my best friends father. It didn’t stop there, that was the day I was admitted to the hospital. Fast forward two weeks and Rowe entered our life in the middle of the night! We spent the rest of the month juggling recovering from a c section, having a cyst on my butt, being at the NICU for as many feedings as possible, and still being a mom to the two year old. WHAT A MONTH!



We finally brought our baby home and that was about the end of me leaving the house. My mom also left us after 47 days. It may have been 42 days, but who was counting?




We celebrated the 4th with Jim’s coworkers family! Rowe also had a bunch of Dr. appointments for her eyes and just the regular ped. She was deemed perfect. It was also our 5th anniversary and Rowe tagged along to our dinner date. It was horrible. She cried the ENTIRE time. Come to find out, the new nipples that I bought for the bottle needed to be cleaned A LOT to get rid of the new package smell. We were trying to force her to drink the nastiest milk ever because of it! Poor baby!!! Winter also came to town to take Rowe’s newborn pictures. We LOVE them still!




August rolled around and we were back to busy season. Rowe went to the cardiologist and everything with her heart murmur was gone! YAY! She was also old enough to go to church for the first time. I also started potty training Nixon and it went really well! And then it wasn’t going really well and we gave up. We also kissed Jim goodbye at the beginning of the month as he started working longer hours AND studying for the hardest part of the CPA exams. He took his test on the last day of the month and started studying for the next one right away.





We found out Jim passed his test!!! YAY! He kept studying for the next section and working his butt off. We did see him a little bit more this busy season, but not much. We snuck away one night for a family date to the D backs game! Nixon, Rowe and I made the 45 minute each way drive to Scottsdale twice a week for Nixon’s speech therapy. He was getting it for free before our insurance reset in October. I also took advantage of hitting our out of pocket max and got my wisdom teeth out. The best part of the month was when we had our cabinets painted! We ordered new doors for them and I can’t say how much better they look!






October was another big month for us. We blessed Rowe at the very tail end of busy season, and it was so crazy! It was beautiful and everything worked out great! Jim took the second test for his CPA on the 19th, and passed that one! Such a HUGE relief! We also did all the Halloween shinagins we could get our hands on and loved it! I also hit rock bottom with my kids and Rowe graduated from our room to her crib. This means Nixon also graduated from the crib into a big boy bed. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching the weird sleeping positions he manages to get himself in, and he’s only rolled out of bed twice! Busy season ending is the best part of my life, but with two more tests to pass there was no slowing down for my husband!






It’s easy to say by November we were all exhausted, well Jim and I were. He was studying every day for his next two test and I was in survival mode. The first half of the month we spent our time running errands getting ready to spend Thanksgiving in Utah. I also finally decorated a nursery for Rowe, and gave Nixon a big boy room! Jim took his third portion of the CPA on the 18th (I think?) and we jumped on a plane the 23rd for Rowe’s first flight!Nixon threw up two hours before we had to leave, coughed the whole flight, Rowe had a MEGA blowout midflight and landed in just her diaper and a hoodie. I really tried my hardest not to flash everyone on the flight, but I don’t think that happened. I was able to lunch with Tay and relax a little all while Jim locked himself in the office working and studying. After Thanksgiving Jim was back on a flight home to study all weekend. On the 30th he took the LAST potion of his tests and we had to wait for the results.







We got back from Utah and Rowe had a second lung infection. That was less than fun, but luckily she got over it and cross our fingers it doesn’t happen again! We also found out that Jim PASSED BOTH his exams, meaning he is now a CPA, AND got a promotion for all his hard work!!!!! (More on that later!) December was also the season of Christmas parties! We attended Jim’s work party, and Paige’s! Luckily Rowe started taking a bottle again the same day we found out Jim passed his exams and we took full advantage of that and went on MANY date nights! We started feeding Rowe some more solids and she hates them for the most part. She will not tolerate any purees, but occasionally she will suck/chew on fruit and broccoli. Jim’s coworker had some tickets to the Suns game and gave them to Jim so he decided to take Nixon. The same night Paige called and said they had an extra ticket so Rowe and I ended up there too! Then it was Christmas eve and we celebrated with the Cunninghams. Rowe was HORRIBLE! Seriously, HORRIBLE! But it was so nice to be with family and celebrate! Christmas was SO MUCH FUN this year with Nixon. It couldn’t have gone any better. Just two days later my parents came into town and we enjoyed having them stay! They even babysat two nights so we could have some more dates! We went to the the park, shopping and the aquarium. We had so much fun!

WHAT. A. YEAR. Seriously. It was absolutely crazy and we are looking forward to hopefully a more mellow year.