Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dear Dad,

Happy Fathers day to my Favorite dad in the world!
Thanks for putting up with my terrible math skills, and finally letting me drop math my senior year because I just didn’t get it.
Thanks for coming to all my dance recitals and competitions, even if they did last allllllllllllll day.
Thanks for eating Burger King for the entire week of Nutcracker rehearsal/performance every year.
Thanks for “always being on my side”.
Thanks for reading all the Harry Potter books to me, even when I was a senior in high school.
Thanks for providing two wedding receptions for me.
Thanks for supporting me all through collage.
Thanks for making me the princess, and the favorite child.
Thanks for sending me flowers on Valentines day in high school, just to make sure I felt loved.
Thanks for carrying me through the mud…. literally.
Thanks for always being so great that my friends say “I love your dad”, because I do too.
Thanks for all the pep talks when there are tearful calls home…. still.
Thanks for loving me through that “awkward looking” phase of life.
Thanks for paying for all of my parking tickets in high school so I could graduate. Did I tell you that you did?
(awkward family photo anyone?)
Thanks for building all of those amazing science projects for the “easy” physics class I took. You pretty much bought my grade :)
Thanks for the kitty funeral we had, and for being the only other person who attended.
Thanks for all the weird nick names, and my personal fav, squido.
Love This Daddy