Monday, May 24, 2010

Oh The Place's You'll Go

As a little girl I always thought about how great a wedding day would be, and how badly I couldn't wait for my own. There's just something about the expensive dress, the pretty hair, the cute groom, the bling but most of all, the pictures. I can't get enough of it. I'll admit, I'm a little bit of a facebook wedding stalker. I LOVE when the little heart show's up and say's so and so is "in a relationship" or "engaged to so and so". I ALWAYS click to see if there's a picture of the ring, pictures of the engagement and later I look for the engagement pictures, bridals and wedding pictures. It's my favorite thing to do! Even Jim knows. Every time on of those little red heart shows up on his news feed he always let's me click through the album (one of the many reasons why he is the greatest man in the world).
But this weekend it was my turn, and I couldn't get enough. We had my super wonderful sister-in-law Winter do our engagements ( I wont lie, I was a little camera shy at first (WEIRD) but when she said "Ok I think we are done!" I looked at her and was like "are you sure?" I was having sooooo much fun. Jim couldn't have been more thrilled because he missed half the Suns game (GO SUNS!)
As I've sat and thought about how much fun I've had with this whole bride thing, I found myself thinking about how much fun my life has been since I've had Jim in it!
Jim and I met at the end of October at a bonfire in the desert. Who would have thought that I, the girl who likes shopping and fashion and go on vacation to hotel's on the beach, would find the man I'm going to marry wearing plaid flannel, at a bonfire, in the middle of the freezing cold desert. I hate plaid flannel, I hate the dirt/being dirty, and I hate being cold. But what can I say, he was a stud from the beginning. I mean look how close he is sitting to me! I should have known something was up with this one.

7 months later look at us. Engaged, am I old enough for this? This question runs through my mind daily, but there's something about that boy that reassures me yes, I AM old enough for this.

Look how far we have come! You know when you hear people say "I never thought I could love you more", and then you want to vomit? Ya, I have been having one of those moments lately. After we took our engagement pictures I was amazed by Jim. Not that Jim doesn't amaze me on a regular occasion, because he does, I've just been really amazed by him lately. Maybe It's because I'm out of school and so I have way more time to focus on what he does for me, or say's to me. When we were taking our engagement's I think everything became real to me. I am really getting married. Not only am I happy about it but HE is happy about that. That alone makes him my hero, it should make him your hero to! I'm not the most easily pleased, but he does it for me no matter what! He knows how to handle me when I'm upset about something, or when I'm mad at him. This doesn't happen that often, but when it does he is a rock star! Then I become not so mad and realize how great he is, and again, I fall in love all over again. Ok I'm sorry this post was just so mushy gushy , huggy kissy face, but it's my blog, and no one is making you read it! I hope you enjoy! At least this one has some pictures on it, and a link to more pictures.

I swear it takes a master's degree to upload pictures onto this stupid blog situation. I'm still learning, forgive me people!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Here We Go....

I thought that I would honestly be able to hold out longer then this. I was wrong. I don't know that I ever really wanted a blog, It's just something that you do once you get married. But the main reason I got a blog is so my sweet sister-in-law Nicole could have another thing to keep her busy during her day, and so that she can stay in touch with me and the wedding plans!
I live in Arizona (obviously) and I love it! But I did grow up in Utah and that's where my parents are, and that's where a lot of people I love are. Once you say the word "wedding" everyone wants to know, "When are you getting married? Where are you getting married? What are your colors? Do you have a dress?". I figured a blog would be the easiest way to stay in touch with everyone about all the festivities! Annnnnnnnnnd I'd be starting one in like August anyway. So this is me (and Jim) keeping YOU updated on our wedding plans.
FIRST of all I want to start off by saying, I'm not a writer. When I have to write a paper for school I usually shoot for the minimum length. Most of the time I don't make it that far, and I never read it again and edit my mistakes. Then I get them back, and they always say the same thing "Make sure to proof read before you submit". SECOND, a few weeks ago Jim and I were driving and he went on for about 5 minutes about how good of a writer he is and how public speaking doesn't bother him (show off). Then he said that I would never want him to read anything I wrote because he would pretty much rip it to shreds. I don't know if I had told him at this point about how bad of a writer I was. He's never read anything I wrote for school, but I get good grades so what does it matter? THIRD, my mom is a reading and writing teacher, yet I still am not good at it. Here I sit, writing a blog. :)
Now that I have we have that taken care of, I will fill you in a little bit with what we have done for our wedding. I'll answer the general questions first,
When? July 29, 2010 at 9:45 AM (Just for you dad)
Where? Mesa, Arizona temple
Colors? Sage green and yellow. Apparently people struggle with knowing what color sage green is. It's not kelly green, and it's not army green, and it's not mint green, and it's not lime green. So after eliminating all of those, you pick the color green that's left in your mind, and we will just say yes, that's the color.
Do I have a dress? Yes. and I love it.
Since both Jim, my mother and I have all been in school the whole time we've been engaged we don't really have things set in stone. My mom has been A LOT, and I mean A LOT more proactive at planning then we have. She's been to bride expo's, met with the cake lady, done flowers, refreshments, tables and chairs, there's pretty much nothing that she hasn't done. She has nearly everything arranged and booked for the open house in Utah, and all I have done is buy a dress. Is it because she has done this once before with her own wedding? Probably. I like to blame my lack of planning to the 22 credits I took last semester, but now IT'S ON! I'm FULL TIME at this wedding thing! Ok, maybe I've done a few more things then just my dress. When my mom was down here in April we bought bridesmaid dresses. We met with a photographer down here last Saturday and booked her for the wedding! This weekend we are taking engagement pictures, so you bet I've spent many house this week at the mall. Mostly, I'm just looking for somewhere to live. Jim and I do not want to live in an apartment. He's done it, and I've done it, and I'm over it! We want to rent a town house in the Gilbert area, or somewhere close to Awhatukee. I'm just not ready to leave the Tuke!! I love it over here. Anyway, we want a town home to rent for awhile to save money and hopefully buy a house soon. We've been looking pretty intensely for about a week, but I'm over it all ready. I thought it would be so fun! News flash, it sucks. I've found a few that I just LOVE but they have all been taken. The last one that I LOVE LOVE LOVE is a little more then what we want to spend, but it's perfect. In the end it comes down to this, I pick out the finest things in life, but my accountant get's the final call. If anyone knows of some really cute town houses with a garage, granite counter tops, wood floors, at least two bedrooms and two full baths, let me know. Did I mention I like the finer things in life? Ya... Poor Jim :) at least I'm letting him know before we get married.
I do have to tip my hat to my wonderful fiancée and my daddy. Both of them have been troopers so far with this whole wedding planning thing. I know Jim would rather shoot guns then be at Nordstrom, and my dad would rather be fishing then go to bridal expo's, but they are making sacrifices for my mom and I! They are the BEST!!! Less then 70 days guys, can you handle it??
Ok, for a first blog post I feel this was way to long. I'm sorry for anyone even lasted to the bottom. But hey, It's my blog, and I can write what I want. I have a sister-in-law across the world that needs something to read during her long days away from her workaholic husband (not by his choice). This one is for YOU, Nicole!!