Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My Battle With Addiction

I have a serious addiction. I’m slightly worried for myself. If you’ve never heard of the website pinterest feel free to exit my blog and no longer be my friend. Just kidding, I want everyone to be my friend. But It’s my addiction. I look through everything my friends have pinned, I look through the “everything” tab constantly, and I even go as far to pin at red lights (at least they are red?). Most of my conversations don’t only consist of “So I was reading this blog…” it’s “I was reading this blog that I found on pinterest….” I tell you friends, I need to go to AA for pinners.

But a few good things have come from this fabulous website. I feel like I’ve not only gained another 104 friends, I’m developing those amazing crafty talents that I always knew were deep down in there.  I’ve found soooo many good recipes from pinterest and they have all gotten a “repeat” from Hub. You can check out my amazing web cookbook here.  Aside from good food and cute outfits, they have amazing tutorials. This is where I found my tutorial for my amazing coffee filter wreath (not my giant powdered doughnut). I’ve found some really cute printables from pinterest as well and they are all over my house, I’ve even gone so far as to make my own because of this amazing website.
Now that I’ve got all you non-pinners excited about how great it is, I’ve got one more thing to show you. My current pride and joy, this amazing ruffle tree skirt. The second I laid eyes on this tutorial I knew this was a project that I could conquer. That’s just what I did. I had a few minor set backs… like a dead car battery when I went to leave for the fabric store, and then a hungry hub after I finally got there, and once I started I ran out of glue sticks. The tutorial that I followed was really good, so I’ll just direct to it here. Pretty great huh? Instead of canvas, or painter’s drop cloth, I used white denim that I found at a fabric store that was going out of business. I imagine that the painters canvas would be cheaper than denim though.
What is the most crazy about these pictures is that they don’t show just how big it really is. It is HUGE! But it’s ok, because I LOVE it!

But now I’m off to make these lovely sugar balls, and maybe to pin a few more things. I’d be lying to you if I said I didn’t pin like 10 things in between writing this, and editing, and looking at pictures.

If you see anything on pinterest that you think I’ve missed and I would like, please tag me in your repinning! Seriously, I’m obsessed.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

One of THOSE Days

I need some Kettle corn

and muddie buddies

some Lemon Bars sound really good

or the bread pudding that Paige and I made at cooking class….. oh yummy

and that yummy chex mix gooey stuff that people give at Christmas time with the coconut in it. What’s that even called?

and I want my hair to look like this alllllllllll the time, but it hurts my eyes to look that far to the side for that long

and I’m in desperate need of everything found here

So who’s going to join me for a night of baking any and everything while watching trashy TV shows like Teen Mom, Sister Wives, and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

If your tummy isn’t growling you are not invited… ok well maybe.

Hyperlink= lazy

It’s really been one of those days, apparently.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


I have recently become obsessed with printables. I have them all over our house! I have one in our bathroom….
one in our family room….
and one in our dining room… almost. It’s in the frame. I just need hub to hang it on the wall already!
but I saw one on Pinterest that caught my eye….
tom and lucy
I love it!
except I knew I couldn’t order it. and I didn’t want it to say Tom and Lucy, although, I’m sure they are lovely people. Again, while browsing through the wonderful world of pinterest I stumbled upon this website, and I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. (PS I have fixed Minnie Mouse)
Jim and Kensley Printable
I can’t wait to print it!! but where on earth am I going to put it?! I think this is getting a little out of control!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Holy Craft

To sum up in two words what’s been going on around our house lately: Holy Craft
That’s right, folks. This girl here has become some sort of domestic goddess.
I think a picture story would do it a lot more justice.
To start off… We got some new additions to our family…
That’s right. I paid the pretty price of a plate of cookies for these bad boys. Isn’t the love seat just amazing?! We have the full length couch is in our spare bedroom. We tried to get it into the office, but the doorway to hall ratio is… well… off.

Now on to the food… There’s been lots of food in my life. We had Jen and Bryce over for the ASU football game, so naturally I had to attempt to make every bite size food possible! So I made Guacamole, salsa, Apple Dip, and I saw hopes of potato skins… but things didn’t go so well. Then last week, cousin Paige asked me to babysit for her. When I was on my way over to her house, she somehow tricked me into going to cooking class with her, so Glen, Paige, and I headed over to Whisked Away for some cooking lessons. Paige and I made bread pudding, and I’m still drooling over it.
After the cooking class I became a little bit more inspire. I made chicken pesto stuffed shells, and some other yummy chicken stuff. Both amazing. I’ve also made some not so  amazing things, but we don’t blog about our imperfections now do we?
Onto Projects….
Halloween is coming up… what? You didn’t know? So I pulled out the Fall candle’s and soaps that I bought…. oh a month ago?
Aren’t they the cutest? Yes I have an obsession. I’m a SOAP SNOB as my husband has called me. :)
And say hello to our fall decorations. I’m so sad I forgot to take a picture of the witch towel my mom sent me last year. It’s seriously so cute!

But these are my personal favorites. I made both of them and I LOVE them. I want to make more and put them everywhere in my house. Tacky?
Almost half way…. and finished! For now this one lives in the guest bathroom. The only problem is, I don’t use this bathroom enough.
Jim and I have a really awkward space between our two mirrors and I’ve tried and tried to come up with something to put between them. Alas… I have found the perfect solution.
Perfect right? I’m currently obsessed with quote printables. I don’t know why… but I just love them!
Last, but not least…. our front door.
Wait your obsessed with coffee filter wreathes, printables, and moss letters too? I’m so happy I’m not alone.

What’s next?!

PS. Check out my sister in laws blog for amazing fall food!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Huggy Huggy Squishy Squishy

Where do I even begin bloggy world? I’ve been super busy lately with it being premier week on TV and all. I just couldn’t rip myself away from the tv long enough to write a post. But don’t worry, I’m all caught up on my favorite shows and I’ve got two hours before I have to start getting ready for work so I am alllllll yours :)


Let’s get caught up. Last Thursday, Taylor and I had the day off, Hub had school AND class so we needed some mega all day entertainment and boy oh boy did we get it! After hearing about how terrible of a cousin I am we spent the day with Paige and the babies! It was so much fun. I got to cuddle with baby Porter all day.


And watch toddler small adult Preston be nearly drowned by a professional for 10 minutes. Talk about heart wrenching. You can watch for yourself here.  After watching this video it doesn’t even compare to what happened last week! She like grabs his head and rolls him around in the water and he has to flip himself over so he can breath. It gives me such an anxiety attack. And no, he does not stop crying. I’d have to say, the high light of the trip to swim lessons is when Taylor “got wet” smelled her hands, and announced Preston had peed on her! I think he was just nervous as soon as he saw the pool. He knew that his life was potentially coming to an end.



After this very traumatic experience we went back to the Cunningham’s and easily gained 10 lbs. There were fresh home grown tomatoes, a mega block of mozzarella cheese, and a few flats of raspberry’s! My FAVORITE! My ever so domestic Aunt Shelley was making homemade jam! After reading this post I have been craving to make it, but berry’s are so expensive at the store and there’s no self picking farms in Arizona… for good reason.


Masterpiece? Yes. Paige made this for dinner. Little did we know that there would be dinner AND a show later, so we will count this as an appetizer.


While all this goodness was going on, Taylor, Aunt Shelley and I got hard to work mashing raspberries, setting timers, and testing jam. There were a few instances that made it clear to all of us why Shelley doesn’t step food in the kitchen… spraying yourself in the face with the water? It takes talent folks.


A few hours later….



We wont admit that all these jars are a little sugary. It’s impossible to make some chuncky jam. The sugar doesn’t dissolve unless you actually crush all the raspberries, but I’m still eating it. I think the person that was the most impressed would be Taylor’s mom. She refused to believe that Taylor had actually slaved in the kitchen making her a surprise until I confirmed that it was, in fact, true. I knew I always liked her.


As we were just finishing up our last round of jars Carmen showed up with a true Mexican Fiesta. A Fiesta it was.


Sorry the picture is blurry, but I just had to show it off! Let’s see, salad, homemade Italian dressing from boyfriend #1 of the evening, enchiladas, spicy salsa, rice, and beans.  I left so bad for Hub that he was in class and couldn’t join us… but we pretty well devoured it. It was so nice to have a home cooked meal that consisted of more then 2 things. I would really like to quote the dinner conversation word for word… but it would just be Carmen saying something, and Uncle Bob’s response would be “TMI”. We did, however, make a short list of appropriate things that were said…


“He’s intelligent because he works at Intel”

“We just huggy huggy squishy squishy”

“He likes the boys”

“He makes me so mad I could pinch his neck”


Yes this is a list of things that were said about different men that Carmen is dating. Maybe not the “he likes the boys”, but the rest are. The night ended with discussion’s about what we would do on Tuesday, the next day that Taylor and I had off. But I guess you’ll just have to stay posted to hear about that. No one get’s peed on this time… rats.


Ps What are everyone’s favorite show’s going to be this fall? Obviously Modern Family, and the office are at the top of my list, but Whitney was pretty funny, and the one with the one girl roommate and three boys roommates…. what’s it called? Eh. You know the one. I really wanted to watch PanAm but I missed that for sure.


PSS Hub is at work, and I really don’t feel like rereading my post to proof read it so Taylor, eat your heart out with my bad grammar, spelling errors and run on sentences.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Valentines in September

Sometimes I just don’t feel like I give the hubs enough credit. He’s so handsome, obviously, but he’s also an amazing trip planner/tour guide. Every trip we’ve ever been on consists of me complaining (I think, I imagine that’s the case) that I want to take a nap, and hub planning and paying for everything. If you live under a rock I’ll just fill you in that there is a day in February called Valentines day, and it’s made for husband to spoil the heck out of their wives…. or something to that extent.


Last year Hub set the bar pretty high… we were still dating and I had the day off (ok everyday was my day off, I didn’t have a job!) and I was at home working on homework projects all day so that we could go out that night. I was outside probably spray painting something, or drying some I had just glued and the doorbell range. When I got to it there were flowers, chocolates, and a teddy bear. The note said….


(sorry it’s taken some beatings over the year) This was way before the “I love you” stage had even occurred, but I was happy. He told me to get dressed, up and we were going to dinner, but he wouldn’t tell me where. He came and picked me up and we were off. We went to City Hall Steak House and it was nothing short of amazing. I still dream about the butter cake that they had… and the 10 lbs. I gained from that one meal. On the way home, he asked me to get a pack of gum out of the glove box, and when I opened it there was no gum. Just a very pretty blue box with a white bow on it. It was the Tiffany’s bracelet I had merely mentioned to him MONTHS ago. He remembered. Like I said, Valentines day was invented to spoil your wife… or girlfriend at the time… and spoiled I was.


This year was no different, except I’m still holding on to those 10 lbs. from dinner, and we are married. When I got home from work on the 12th Hub went outside and brought in flowers and chocolate covered strawberries. I was perfectly content with just that! Isn’t he dreamy? Before I was done enjoying those he said “that’s not all” and walked me into the family room where he had a lovely looking resort in Sedona pulled up on his computer. He informed me that in the morning we would be headed there for an overnighter. I was so excited. I’d never been, but I’ve heard that it is amazing.


Flash forward to now, and I’m just getting around to blogging about it.


Being the true fat kids that we are, we stopped and got a box of munchkins from Dunkin’ Doughnuts to eat while we drove, and then passed a Wild Flower Bread Co. and I couldn’t resist the urge to insist we eat lunch before we went any further. And it was totally worth it.


Meet my worst picture ever, the above left. I couldn’t help it though. Hub is so handsome, and we are very scares on pictures.


Not very often do we Arizonan’s get to use a fireplace! We were super excited!


Needless to say, we ate until the cows came home… at every meal


We tried really hard to get a picture with this bridge… it kinda worked. Just look beyond the safety fence.


Slide rock… where I imagined our whole summer being spend. Slide rock: 0. Nordstrom: aprox. 1,000,000


This trip was so fun. It felt like we were gone for so long, but really we were only out of the city for a day. I love Sedona. It really is so nice to just go and relax. All the shops are interesting to say the least, and who doesn’t love a small town feel every no and then? We even walked away with two really cool pictures for our house. one has a home in our kitchen/hallway next to the door into the garage. The other… Well the other lives in our guest bathroom at the moment… unhung… and still in the plastic. I just can’t decide where to put it.


All in all… my Hub is the best. I’m happy to report that I’m still obsessed with him. I’m not so happy to report that Valentines Day wasn’t suppose to be the complete focus of this post. It was suppose to be a recap of important events that I don’t want to forget… but it got long.


So stay tuned internet… because just when you least expect it I’ll run out of things to blog about and then we will be talking about our one year anniversary. Yippy Skippy.


Am I the only one that does this? Totally forgets to document the really really important things, or puts it off forever? I should probably take some bad wife points on this one.


Better late than never?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fear The Fork

On Friday night I was lucky enough to go to the ASU football game with the Hub.
I was kinda excited because it was a blackout game.
Blackout=new shirt
and I looooooooove a new shirt.
We even got to meet up and sit with our good friends Kyle and Brook!
Our seats were way far away from theirs, but we got to sit by them anyway because no one came to kick us out of their seats.
This made me very happy. As much as I’d love to go with just hub to a game, I think he would be a little disappointed in my amount of enthusiasm.
I really enjoyed watching him, Kyle, Tanner, and Kyle’s dad get really into it.
Brook and I on the other hand… we were really into people watching and talking about Pinterest.
What would a football game be without rain?
The row behind us wasn’t getting wet at all, but the row in front of us was.
If we sat far enough back in our seats it would barely hit us.
But, my hair took a beating.
I guess more importantly, we one.
It was 100% a miracle.
But my favorite part? Watching Kyle and Brook’s niece eat a frozen strawberry lemonade.
She’s adorable.
Brook requested that I not put the picture of them at the game up. Just so you get the idea of who they are… plus it was raining the day we took this picture. Totally appropriate.
After the game, and when the rain got my hair. Nasty.