Friday, September 3, 2010

The Little Gingerbread House: Part 2

As you know from before, MY amazing cousins Billy and Kati offered for us to live in their house. We so kindly accepted with almost no idea what was in store for us. After many home improvements such as, washing walls, replacing the faucet on the kitchen sink, taking apart the garbage disposal to find things like a plastic bag and a nail, and some cigarette butts. That's since we've moved in. So I thought I would let you all take a look at how far we've come from the last gingerbread house post. I'd like to start off with this,

Our oven is so clean! Jim hired a small cleaning company to come and clean our house before we moved in and if I do say so myself they did an AMAZING job!!

This is our Kitchen after it's seen a little lovin'

Our cute little living room where we spend 99% of our time

View from the stairs

Our super cute end table decorated from our reception haha :) thanks mom!

This is part of the odd long space behind the TV. I wasn't sure what to do with it because we had an area for the table all ready. But I think I have an idea now.

This is where a table would go, but I think I have another idea like I just stated

This is our bedroom. Our bed is so big I couldn't even get a picture of it from outside the door

Our bathroom

This is probably my favorite part of the bathroom. I want the matching trash can!!

Jim complained that our bathroom was a little too grey so I spiced it up with some yellow towels from Ikea! Sooooo cheap
This is our super cute spare bathroom

We really have had a lot of fun ever since we got married. I've come home a few times now to a husband who is putting dinner in the oven

And I've even been as spoiled as waking up to home made French bread on Sunday morning

Don't mind the shape, Jim made it in our bread maker. It was Delicious!

But best of all.............

Yes, we caved. It took a little over a month for us to become one of "those" couples who gets a dog and become obsessed with it. It wont be long until all of our pictures are of chief and we start looking at sweaters for him for the Christmas card. Just kidding. We are not THAT weird. But seriously. We love him. Can I just say we got SOOO lucky?! He's such a well behaved dog! He understands what we say to him, he sleeps through the night WITHOUT an accident, and he's potty trained. We've taken him on a few walks around the neighborhood and he refused to be on his leash. But he wont wonder more then 5 feet in front or behind us. He loves to be around us and I'm constantly tripping over him. The ONLY problem I have with him is his breathing when he sleeps. It seems like he has nightmares while he sleeps. His breathing is so heavy and deep. But we love him. This is what we've done with the area for the table...

It's where Chief lives. He loves his pillow now that he's gotten use to being able to get on it.

He loves water. love love loves it!
He refused to jump out of the bath tub after. I thought it was because he didn't know how so we lifted him out and started going back down stairs. He then ran back into the bathroom and jumped into the bath tub expecting us to turn it back on.
He is so cute. He just loves to lay by us and be in the way :)

So it is true. We are THOSE people. I hate it, but I love Chief!