Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vacation Part II

Now that Hub is an avid blogger (maybe avid isn't the right word), and is spending time in deep thought staring at his computer screen, it leaves me with a little more "me" time than I'm use to. So you might find me on here a little more often. might. Don't get excited. But I do have some updates. Like the second half of our trip.

I feel like it was so long ago that I don't remember it, and is a vacation you can hardly recall even worth blogging about? Yes, friends, it is. As long as this post has nothing to do with the Nordstrom Anniversary Pre-sale, I'm happy to blog about anything!

Day 3 or 4 or 5 or 6.... I can't remember what day the blog left off on, the days at sea really mess me up. So we will just go with our third port of call, Roatan Island, Honduras. This day was really fun! We got to go snorkeling and it was AMAZING! Important side note: I hate fish, I hate everything to do with fish. I hate sushi, I'll say it again, I HATE sushi (so sue me), I hate fishing, I hate the smell of fish, I hate that when I was younger my mom would eat fish and we would eat steak and it smelled so nasty, I hate looking at fish, and I even hate having them as pets... you know you do too, they are impossible to keep alive. I didn't even plan on doing this excursion and the only reason I agreed to it in the first place was because A) I think I picked all the other excursions, B) hub really likes that kind of stuff... the things we do for the ones we love. vomit. and C) this included a clear bottom kayak tour. I figured I could just sit on the beach with Brook while the boys went and looked at pretty little fishies in the water. End of side note. Once we were there I grew some sort of adventure bone. I wanted to swim with the fish (easiest way to tan your back? am I the only one that hates laying on their stomach?), and I wanted to hold a monkey, and I wanted to pet a parrot, all things I would never say yes to. I figure I'll never go back, and I probably wont have a chance to do anything like that again. So I did all those things, and here is the proof. On the way there we got to sit in the front of the bus, literally the driver was on my left, hub was on my right. Terrifying. The whole place is like a giant mountain so you are going around turns, and up and down hills, and we had to turn the AC off when we were going up or the poor bus wouldn't make it!

The most uncomfortable swing in the history of ever. Needless to say they moved like 2 seconds after I took the picture.
This kinda made it worth it

Cute underwater hub, huh?

Brook had the right idea to stay in the Kayak! The guide pushed her the whooooooole way!

The guide dove down and brought us all up conch shells! They were soooooo heavy! Did I already mention how amazing he was?

Iguana's were everywhere!! I mean everywhere!!! They said that they eat them to keep the population down and that still doesn't help. There are more iguana's on the island than people!

These monkey's were so fun! They had to keep the younger ones tied to their houses so they wouldn't run away but all of the adults just hung out in their houses and in the tree's.

Our next stop was Grand Cayman. A.mazing. This was possibly my favorite place, but don't quote me. I would move there so fast! It's tiny, and there's beach everywhere and it's part of Great Britain, so that's a plus too. We took a tour of the island that consisted of going to hell, a turtle farm, and then Stingray City. Like all the other places, as we drove around they would tell you all the history of everything and I don't know why but this place was more interesting then the rest. Again, we sat in the front of the bus but luckily Grand Cayman was flat, and part of Great Britain, very comforting.

First stop, Hell. They even stamped my passport.. It's the only stamp I have.
huuuuuuuuuuuuge turtles!!
I think they said this one was just a few months old... like 2 or 3?

After Hell and the Turtles we were off to Stingray City. If you've never heard of it I'll fill you in. Basically there's this HUGE sad bar in the middle of the ocean. It took us like 30 minutes to get there. It's always really shallow and tons of people go there to play with the sting rays. The people have no problem jumping in a grabbing them so that you can kiss them and have them rubbed all over your body. Needless to say, I still had that random adventure bone that I was talking about earlier. They are super friendly and don't even care that they are being tossed around from person to person. There were multiple times that I was just standing in the water and all of a sudden I had some big soft/slimey thing being rubbed all over my back! They thought it was soooooooo funny to do surprise attacks on me. Not.so.funny.

Even Brook came to join in on the fun! But not for too long, and she never left Kyle's back! I don't blame her though, you never know when they are just going to throw a Stingray at you!

Last, but not least, while wandering around the amazing island of Grand Cayman, before we hit up the Dunkin' Doughnuts, we ran into my good friend Kate and her new husband Will! Me and Kate go waaaaaaay back so it was so nice to just catch up with them!

Our trip really was amazing! I want to go back so bad!... to hang out with Will and Kate again of course!

Up Next: In a week or two.... or three or four.... The Best Friends weddings!! Stay Tuned....