Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Honeymoon

Beware of REALLY long post and LOTS of pictures!
Jim and I thought long and hard about what to do for our honeymoon. We thought about Disneyland, multiple different cruises, or maybe even just a week in Rocky Point. I'm here to tell you my friends, we had the BEST honeymoon ever! We got married on July 29, had another reception in Utah on August 6, and then on Sunday, August 8 we headed to the airport for our red eye flight to Atlanta and then connect onto Miami. We decided that a cruise was the best bang for your buck. When we first walked out of the air port this is what happened...

It was such bad humidity that Jim's glasses fogged up!

On Monday, after traveling ALL night and being exhausted, we arrived on the boat, at lunch, and we were ready for a nap. We were finally allowed to get in our rooms and this is what we found...
I was pissed. I was soooo pissed. There was a card on my bed that said something to the point of we are glad you decided to honeymoon with us, please join us for a honeymoons celebration... You would think someone would use their head for this one. But we got it sorted out after we took a nap.

This is what we came back to after dinner the second night.

We then left the Port of Miami and headed for Key West, Naussa Bahamas, and then CoCo Cay (a small island owned by the cruise company). It. Was. Amazing.

This is leaving the Port

Leaving the port

That night we just hung out on the boat and went to a show and had dinner. Dinner was always interesting at our table. Somehow, and I have no idea how, we got stuck at a table with 4 people that we had NOTHING in common with. The other 4 people were at least 30+ years our seniors, and from Canada. This made meal time a little dreadful for me, but Jim always seemed to keep up with their conversation. Anyway...
Our first stop was Key West. It was soooooooooo cool! I HIGHLY recommend going there some day.
It was raining while we were there, but I still had fun.

A Lady walking by was so kind to give me her poncho which was wet on the inside and out. Needless to say we found somewhere else that sold dry ones.

After we bought poncho's we found this "little" gem outside the art museum. Yikes!

We made a quick stop at the Key West Toy Factory, it was pretty cool.

And took a train tour of Key West! This was probably one of my favorite things we did! I fell in love with this place and am seriously considering moving there!

Of course, we ate such good food the whole time! This place was called Two Friends, or something like that. They had the best french fries and a really good sandwich. I'm sure Jim's fish was good, but fish is gross so he can be the judge.
Being in KEY WEST you have to order KEY LIME PIE. Duh. It was good. I'm not a Key Lime Pie fanatic and neither is Jim, but when in Rome...

We sailed all night and morning from Key West to Naussa. We arrived at 1:00 pm and we were soooo excited to spend all day trying to figure the place out. We knew we wanted to go to Atlantis, and also see a lot of the town. We we did, and this is how...

SCOOTERS!!! So fun, so scary! They drive on the other side of the road!

Yes, we had twin helmets. Blah

After a small scooter tutorial in a very small ally, and a man trying to twist my wedding ring off my finger, we were off for 3 hours to see what we could find! And we found great things!

A nice resort with a nice beach, opposed to the free pubic beach that I was a little scared of

We found Atlantis! Absolutely Amazing!!

Coolest fish tank ever! (don't mind the wet bathing suit)

I tried to get a picture of him and the giant sting ray

We ended up walking IN the exit to the aquarium, so we got that for free.

Star fish!

We did a little shopping :)

This street was so cute! and full of great shopping!

And we found our next house! It's pink!

It was so fun! I was a little scared driving around on scooters, but it really was worth it!

The next, and last day of the cruise we went to Royal Caribbean's private island CoCo Cay. It was so fun! We did a little snorkeling (not so fun, well I just can't handle the water in my ears) and a kayak tour where we got to hold star fish, and we saw a bunch of sting rays swimming below us. We don't really have pictures of that because well, we just don't. But I do have this little gem...
Yes everyone, that is my husband. What a hunk.

After such a fun relaxing time on our honeymoon we knew it was time to come home. On Friday we got back to Miami and were off the boat by 9:00 am. Our flight didn't take off until like 7:30m, so what is there to do in Miami when you are sun burned beyond belief, exhausted, starving, and ready to be on your way home? I'll tell you, eat at the Hard Rock Cafe, and then take a boat tour of the harbor. It was fun actually, I just wish that we were able to enjoy it a little more. It was really really sunny, and very humid so for us it was unbearable to be outside.
BONUS! By the time we are done with all that it's time to head to the airport and get home! But the airlines had a different plan. Our flight was delayed before we even got there, and then delayed twice more due to them having to change a part on our plane. Once we got on the plane we found out it was delayed yet again due to the weather in Atlanta where we were suppose to catch our connecting flight to Phoenix. We missed our flight and because our original delay was due to maintenance Delta was so kind to pay for a hotel room, and 6 meals at any airport or our hotel for the two of us. We were finally settled in at 2 am in Atlanta and up at 9 and to the airport to catch our flight home. It was a nice little extension to our honeymoon... NOT! But we are still married, and it was still the best vacation ever!

My poor exhausted husband after delay #1 in Miami.

Thanks babe for the AWESOME honeymoon!! Let's do it again!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Our Wedding Day!

I just want to say that July 29, 2010 was easily the shortest day of my life. I was having SO MUCH fun all day with my friends and family. I can hardly remember anything that was happening and after looking at some of our pictures I am starting to wonder if I was even in the same place! My mom and dad have been AMAZING through the whole process and gave me the wedding of my dreams. It was perfect! Jim's parents were wonderful as well. We had a nice luncheon between our wedding and the reception. It was sooo good and both Jim and I were amazed at how hungry we actually were when we got a chance to sit down and eat. Both of our families were such good sports through the heat and the rain. My aunt and uncle were gracious enough to open up there beautiful home for our reception. It was perfect! The decorations, food, flowers, company, and even the weather could not have been better for us.
We were so spoiled to have ANOTHER reception in my parents backyard. Again, my parents worked so hard all summer to make sure that it was absolutely amazing. The day of the Utah reception we were setting up and my mom had all of the neighbors helping as well! I am so so so so so greatful for everyone who put any time into helping me or my parents or Jim's parents. Our wedding was perfect. I can't get over it and I love to look at our pictures. I haven't received the CD of all our wedding pictures from our wonder photographer yet. BUUUUT she did send me a link to a little video she has put together for us. I'll share it with you guys. Jennifer was amazing! I loved working with her and I would do it again in a heart beat! She's amazing! Also we had a great videographer who was willing to work for us last minute. He has sent me a teaser to our video and I'll share that as well. He just had a baby so I understand that it will take some time. Chris was awesome to work with as well and he worked well with everyone that was there. I only have things from Arizona, but I know there are great things from Utah to come! We had awesome people up there as well and when I get those I will post a little bit more in detail about it! Thank you thank you thank you everyone!!

Monday, August 23, 2010


Ok Blogging world, I need some major help. As you can see, my background is no longer in existence. One day it's there, the next it's gone. What happened to it? I thought I was getting so good at this blogging thing, but apparently not. I went to change it to something really cute and I did so successfully. Then, assuming I was smarter then I am, I started to mess around with the new customize your background setting. I don't know what I was thinking when I clicked "apply to profile" but I regretted it right away. I had my cute background with some nasty birds on top of it. So then I freaked out for about an hour, googled everything I could, tried to explain to my clueless husband what had happened and finally gave up. I finally got it to go back to the "original settings" or whatever, the water mark birds were gone (yay) but my cute background, and pictures in the side bar were as well. When I went to add it again the edit html settings tab was COMPLETELY different. I added it to the only box available in the tab and viewed my blog and all my post had disappeared and my blog was turned into a cute background and only a cute background.

What am I missing?! How do I fix it?! I have probably 3 or 4 different blog posts that need to be updated but I refuse to update them to an ugly embarrassing blog.