Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Family Room Make Over

In college I took a class called Modern Architecture and Furniture. I was a Fashion major and needed a humanities credit and thought that I’d try my hand at interior design. Guess what? I LOVED it, to say the least. It was interesting, and time consuming. Every quarter we had to compile a book of different chairs and buildings, 3 per designer. All in all, there was about 150+ different images in my book. I spent so much time compiling them, drawing some and really learning about others, I wish I could do it all again in slow motion to really soak it in. Still to this day I go goo-goo over Van Der Rohe’s Barcelona chair and would die to ever own the real thing. My personal favorite is the Eames Molded Plastic Chair. As soon as I learned about this chair I knew I had to have it! When I found out I was pregnant I debated on the rocking chair I wanted. This is a huge decision to make, you spend hours in that one chair. I thought about a glider (vomit, they are just ugly) or an arm chair rocker, but I couldn’t shake the idea of the Molded Plastic Chair. I also knew that the real deal would probably be the cause for much heart ache when my child eventually takes a marker to it, you know it’s going to happen. So, I bought a knock off, and I love it. Shhhh Don’t tell. I also want to use these chairs at my kitchen table, eventually. Don’t worry, it wont be too much of an over load because the rocking chair will live in Nixon’s room and pretty much I will be the only one that knows it’s there.
Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that I really enjoy interior design and wish that I went to school for that and not fashion (I still love you fashion). And that leads me to my next point, and purpose of this post. Lately I’ve really been LOATHING my current family room. I haven’t ever liked it actually. We are renting our house and only planned on being here for a year… and two and a half years later we are still here. The colors are all very warm, and I like very cool colors. This has really thrown me through a loop, resulting in no effort being made and a goulash of furniture, some my style, but most, not. So as a result I’ve spent all day looking around for new furniture, decorations, etc. Here’s what I’ve come up with. Please note that I have next to no Photoshop experience, and I don’t own a Photoshop program so this is all brought to you by none other than Paint. Living Room
I’d really love to hear what you think! I’m taking any and all suggestions because in all reality, this is going to be a process. First I’ve got to talk my husband into letting me do all this, second, I’ve got to get rid of pretty much everything I own.

Monday, July 15, 2013

5 Months and On Time

Today my sweet baby is five months old. FIVE MONTHS OLD. Sorry, that was just for me. Have I mentioned before how these posts make me cringe? There’s nothing I hate more than being cliché, and I feel sense being a mother I am nothing but cliché. How cliché is that? I mean really. Anyway, Here’s the latest on this sweet baby guy.
-Pretty much everything from the last month post still applies.
-Not much has changed, you rolled over 3/4 of the way from your back to your side today, but for the most part you just like to hang out in one place, and I am totally ok with that.
-We’ve really got ourselves on a good schedule. You like to sleep in (for now, THANK YOU!) I can put you back to sleep if you wake up before 8 am. Once you are up, you are up for two hours, and then nap for 1-2 hours. You keep that up all day, and eat every 3-4 hours. I try to feed you between 4-4:30, and then nap until 5:30-6, bath/rice cereal at 7:30 and bed at 8. MOST nights it works very well. It really depends on how late you go down for that nap around 4.
-You really like bananas, and peaches. I don’t know what the heck I’m doing in the parenting department so you have started real baby food a month early. (I can feel everyone rolling their eyes at me right now).
-You’ve really found those feet. They are your preferred toy out of everything!
-You were sick for the first time. You had a temperature of 101, and I was a basket case, to put it lightly. Honestly, it was the worst week of my life. Day one, throwing up, short naps, all you wanted to do was sleep, so I was lucky enough to rock you to sleep a lot that day. That night was your sad case of a fever, and surprisingly you slept pretty good. Day 2, pure and utter hell. screaming non stop. I mean SCREAMING for hours straight, then a nap, and then screaming again. To top things better, you went to bed around 9, gave me enough time to eat my dinner, and then through up all over you/your bed. We tried to watch TV until you were sleepy again, but ended up crying at each other on the couch. Every time you started to cry, I cried harder. It was the hardest day in my life. I eventually put you in your swing and let you cry it out until you fell asleep around 12:30. Day 3, better, but not stellar. At 4pm I was calling the pediatrician about a mysterious black spot on your tongue. Obvi they wanted to see you and had no appointments and we were told to go to Twilight pediatrics, their after hours doctor. We waited it out until dad got home, and the spot disappeared, and decided it wasn’t necessary because you were pretty much back to normal. The next day you had a dark spot on your face and turns out it was a brown fuzzy from one of your blankets that you love to suck on. My guess is that was what was on your tongue the day before. Wow, so much for a bulleted list.
-We celebrated the 4th of July, and you spent pretty much the entire day in the pool. That is one of your favorite places after all. And as a bonus, your Aunt Shelley let you have some of her popsicle! It was a party all around!
-You no longer sleep in your crib, nor do you sleep through the night. You were waking up 1-2 times a night and it was a pain in the butt for me to get up and walk across the entire house to feed you. And the sound kept turning off on the video monitor in the night. I woke up a few mornings to you crying in your crib and I only knew because I looked at the monitor, not because I could hear you, SORRY!
-You are a big hit at Costco. People just love you there! (I sure don’t blame them)
-One of your favorite things to do is lay in bed with a blanket over your face. you purposely put it there, and then once it’s in place you kick like crazy, pull it off and smile. You do this repeatedly and if it weren’t for me ruining your fun you would never stop. Needless to say, I HATE it.
-Everyday you get cuter, and steal my heart even more, and I know your dad feels the same way.
It really is so fun to watch you grow and play, and even more fun to watch you interact with us. I can’t give you enough kisses, and I can’t squeeze those chubby thighs of yours enough. You are simply my favorite baby guy, and mommy can’t love you enough.
(Ok did you just die with all the cliché-ness? I sorta did)

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Blessing and Graduation

In May we were fortunate enough to celebrate my husband's graduation with his MAC, and also bless that sweet (big) baby.
And the best part? My parents got to come.
As soon as my mom landed we had an agenda full of shopping and planning, and of course, lots of loving on the grandchild.
Their visit wasn’t very long, but it was sure fun, and I was sad we didn’t get to spend more time together.
The worst part? We were too busy to take pictures. That happens ALL. THE. TIME.
So here is what we did get.
What a fun weekend!
One of my favorite parts of the weekend was when I handed Nixon to Jim in sacrament to take him to the stand, and the lady sitting behind me said, not so quietly “That baby is not wearing white!!” I just chuckled to myself, and thought “You obviously don’t know me”.
Looking back on these pictures, I still know I have the cutest baby!

4 Months Old, And A Month Late

It's been so stinking long since I've blogged, and I miss my little blog!
Lot's has changed around here, and I'm loving it!
This little guy is changing everyday and he just keeps getting more and more fun!
Just writing all this makes me cringe because it's so cliche. 
So instead of catching the blog up on the last 4 months like a good blogger would,
I'm skipping to the here and now.
And the easiest way to do that is a bullet list.
Nixon is now 4 months old and it's so hard to believe!
-Nixon now sleeps in his crib... in his own room... so far away from me. It's been an adjustment, harder than I thought it would be, but we are dealing.
-Just today he rolled over from his stomach to his back, 3 times.
-When we went to his 4 month appointment they finally gave us the drugs for acid reflex. It tastes so nasty (I haven't tried it, but those faces he pulls are so sad, and it smells awful). At the appointment the doctor told me that I could start rice cereal right away because he needs the iron. I planned on waiting until he was 5 months but after seeing his those sad faces I decided that the rice cereal would be a good way to wash down the meds. So we started rice cereal, twice a day. Aaaaaaaaaand he hated it. Go figure. I put him in the tub right after and I'm not one to waste breast milk, so I figured what the heck, just shove it in his mouth while hes in the tub and he looooooooved it. I mixed the meds in the rice cereal and feed it to him in the bath tub, win win win. That leads me to my next point....
-Knock on wood, he has slept through the night the past 2 nights, and once last week, and once the week before that. I think we are really getting this thing down.
-We just barely established a slight schedule. Nixon wakes up in the morning, is awake for an hour, and then is down for a nap. Until 5 we pretty much do whatever we want. Come 5 Nixon eats, has to take a 20 minute nap before 7, 7:30 is rice cereal/bath time, and 8 is nurse to sleep. So far, so good.
-When Nixon see's Jim he automatically starts blowing bubbles. He loves his dad! He giggles for him way more then he giggles for me.
-We tried the cry it out method. He cried for an hour. I told myself before hand that an hour was the limit, and unfortunately we hit that limit.
-Nixon still hates the car. It's really fun.
-We've taken him swimming a few times and he really likes it! and by "really likes it" I mean he smiles if I work hard for it, and giggles on occasion. Most the time he's just straight face and bug eyed.
-We went to Utah at the beginning of the month and it was so fun! However, both flights were not the highlight of my life.
That's about it, for now. 
Because now that I'm posting it, my baby will be 5 months on Monday!
(I'm so bad at blogging)