Thursday, October 4, 2012

It’s a…

and we couldn’t be more excited!
We went in on Monday for our ultrasound
and I was really really nervous.
I had multiple dreams the night before that it was a girl,
and ever sense about week 14 I’ve just known it was a boy.
I didn’t want my mothers intuition to be wrong already, talk about starting off on the wrong foot.
And when I got there within the first 3 minutes she told me the baby’s legs were crossed.
I took that as a sign it was a girl, because I’d heard girls were generally more shy.
Then a little while later she showed us, that clearly, it was a boy.
We were so excited!
I nearly started crying, and if Jim had been sitting closer to me I know I would have.
I drank orange juice before going in because I heard that made for a really active baby
and it did.
Our little guy was moving all over the place, fist pumping and everything.
She kept asking me if I could feel it
and honestly I couldn’t.
Talk about feeling like a failure!
For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to pay extra close attention to see if
I feel anything out of the norm.
I don’t know if I’m talking myself into it,
or if I really do feel something.
The night before we found out I woke up
twice because I rolled too far onto my stomach and got a really
sharp intense pain in my lower stomach.
So if that counts for feeling something, then sure.
We don’t have any names picked out.
Well, I have names picked out,
Jim doesn’t exactly agree.
We are both excited that our baby with have friends his own age!
Brook and Kyle’s baby and Cj and Savanna’s baby will all be within 6 months of each other!
Both of my brothers just had boys in November and April so there will be
some rowdy cousins in our family as well!