Sunday, March 20, 2011

Two Post's in One Day? What?!

Amazing, I know. But it's been far to long and I'm getting complaint's. We moved from our Phoenix house (thank you again Billy and Kati, best land lords EVER) to Mesa. I said I would never do it, live in Mesa. but here I am, and I love our house! I've been putting it off because our house is much bigger then our last one, and because of that it's very empty. We've been collecting furniture, pictures, paints and decorations for the past few months and now I feel like it is finally livable, and not completely embarrassing.

We still don't have a good picture of the front of our house because it's winter and, well, to be honest, the bushes need to be trimmed, the grass needs to grow back, and I need to find myself some black shutters to put up where she did! So for now, This is what the house looks like (when the owners lived in it).

Spare bedroom #1

(spare bedroom #2 is not posted because it's a disaster of an office)

Spare bathroom #1

Family Room standing by the front door

I have no idea why this picture has the chicken pox

Notice the slat in the blinds messed up? That's because Chief looks out the window right there

Dining room from the family room
More dining room

Kitchen from the hall

Chief and Jim, best friends

Where Chief lives, and yes, that picture is not straight

Laundry room

Pool Bathroom

Our Bedroom

My favorite part of the whole house are these doors

Master Bathroom

I love that bathroom

Courtyard outside the dining room

Well there ya have it folks! That's our house! We are ready for visitors and to have some sort of a pool party! Come on over!!

And Again, Long Over Due

So much has been happening in our lives lately! Well, kind of. We have been busy... but not doing anything "blog worthy". I do need to give a little shout out to one of my BFF's MELISSA SMITH!! It was her birthday in January and I was such a terrible friend and didn't show some love!


If you didn't know, She is in school in Colorado on scholarship for golf. She use to get embarrassed when we would tell people that, but I think she has learned to embrace it.

She also use to clean our house every Thursday or Friday and I loved it. Not only is she amazing at cleaning, but she would rock out to church music via TV and when I would come home from school I would always be welcomed with a nice surprise. She would also dance around with me and sing to the Summer Set, or Ke$ha, or something annoying. My favorite was when I would open one of my notebooks and inside there would be a little love note from her. I could go on and on and embarrass her all day, but I do want her to remain my friend, and I want to finish this post some time this year! I LOVE YOU!

Second, in February my parents came to visit! It was so much fun! They stayed with us and we mostly just hung out. We went to a Spring Training game and it was really fun! I did find a spider on my nacho's, but I was a big girl and ate around it. It was just a tiny baby, but still it was there. We went shopping, looked at rings, more shopping, and eating! Just the things we are best at, like not taking pictures. Soooooooo no pictures from that... Moving right along!

Spring break came and we went to MEXICO! It was magical, and safe, and warm, and everything you could possibly want in life!!! At the last second our friends Cj and Savanna decided to trust us and come with! We took Chief and they brought their dog Scout, and they are best friends. Chief is still so sad that scout doesn't actually live with us!

Chief seriously LOVES to "go". It doesn't matter where, he just wants to "go"!

At our favorite place in Rocky Point! Chino's!

Chino and his wife Anna making our amazing quesadilla's

Carne, cheese, grilled onions, quac, salsa, and pico. Seriously, how could anything even compare?

The after math. My mouth is watering just looking at these pictures

They really are best friends, see? They even go to the bathroom at the same time!

Poor Scout always looked so hot!

Chief thought it was a good idea to roll around in the sand after getting out of the ocean. I disagree

But then he would curl up in a ball and not put his head in the sand. Ok Chief?

Our little family!

This dog is obsessed with the water!!

Dinner! and it was not good!


After! He ate almost all of it!

I just had to

This lady by far had the best thing to offer us on the beach!

Until she started pulling our hair!

Cj is so proud of his doggy

Chief was EXHAUSTED! He wouldn't even eat because he was so tired! Luckily we had an extra queen size bed in our room for him to sleep on

We LOVE Thrifty! Sadly, this is our only picture together

All tuckered out at the end of the trip! We were eating our lunch and they were sleeping under the table

All in all, what a great last few months. Melissa turned 21, parent's came to town, we went to mexico, Michelle and drew got engaged, Shelby and Nick got engaged!! OH YES! CONGRATS TO THEM!!! I'm so excited to both of these super cute couples!! Shelby and Nick are getting married in May, and Michelle and Drew in April 2012! Ah I love weddings!