Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 In Review

Hey Blog, I’m still mad at you, so let’s not get use to me posting, mmmmk? Last time I went to write a post I got all the way done, and when I went to add the pictures all hell broke loose. Needless to say, I was so frustrated, I was near tears, and ended up taking a nap instead. Now I’m only here to post about the last year in our lives. Unfortunately it calls for a lot of pictures. I hope this one goes better.
Well January was apparently a pretty boring month. They only pictures I have are of Chief (shocker) and our table and our bed. We just moved into our house so furniture was a priority. We bought our dinning room table, and decorated our bedroom a little bit. Boring? We will move on.

February was pretty low key as well. We went to Sedona for Valentines day and it was so fun! I’d never been there before and I really cant wait to go back. My parents also came to visit us at the end of the month and we did lots of fun things! We went to a Spring Training game, and the only picture I took the whole time was of the spider that was found on my Nacho. What a memory.

We took a fun trip to Mexico with our friends Cj and Savanna and the doggies! They love Mexico to say the least, I mean look at the excitement on Chiefs face waiting for Jim to through his fetcher. Not to mention the awful family photo that we got. Chief gave us a total of 5 seconds of his time.

April we celebrated our BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!! These are the only pictures that I was able to find from them, but I do remember they were sure fun! Also we had Shelby’s bridal shower that was amazing, again, the only picture I have.

May could have been my favorite month. We went on a Cruise with our friends Kyle and Brook, and it was AMAZING to say the least. I really want to do it again, ya? It was Also Shelby’s wedding the week later, and I had to go on Facebook to get this picture, and it’s not even a good one! Thanks Becca!

June was exciting. After Shelby’s wedding we had to get ready for Melissa’s so we took a trip to Idaho. We even made our way to Ruppert’s Festival Days (I think). There was popcorn, mangos, and fireworks involved.

Clearly, July was jam packed with excitement! Melissa and Charlton tied the knot on his birthday, and we made a couple trips to Utah, and celebrated our one year Anniversary! I was so happy to see my Family in July, it’s only once a year that we are all together, and it’s usually just for a few days. July is right up there with May in my book. Congratulations babe, you made it ONE YEAR with me. You deserve a metal!

August was pretty low key, trying to recover after July. Spent a day by the pool, and then met this little guy for the first time.
Spent the weekend in Mexico with Nick and Shelby, and enjoyed the company of Chief. We are so happy that we have friends who just love our dog almost as much as we do. You can borrow him anytime! We also went to the ASU black out game and got to sit with Kyle and Brook and their family! It was so fun and we actually won! YAY!

The parents came to visit again. Lucky us! Too bad these are again, the only pictures taken. Clearly, we were always having a party! Reading by the pool?… come on….

We spent Thanksgiving in Flagstaff with the doggy, and it was fun. We went on some very beautiful drives and it was exactly what I needed before the crazy Holiday season! Then the next week we had a redo Thanksgiving at Paige and Glen’s and we went the whole 9 yards… except we may have had to return a defrosted turkey for lack of deep fryer.

We celebrated Christmas! YAY! This was my first Christmas away from my parents, and I SURVIVED! I have amazing family in Arizona and they really did save my life. I don’t know what I would do without them! We also got to spend some time with MELISSA who lives in Florida! I really really need her to move back! And we went to Jim’s work party… Turns out there was no Ugly sweater contest… Awkward…. (please pay no attention to my orange face, it wasn’t that bad in real life… promise)