Monday, November 18, 2013

8 Months Old!

Every month we find ourselves here, and every month I think all the same cliché things, and every month I go over how cliché it all is. Blah blah blah, moving forward.


-We had a rough week in month 8. There was excessive crying, there was ridiculous amounts of whining, there was nasty congestion, there was the mysterious red rash, all leading up to one very fed up mother. We took a trip to the doctor only to find out that there was no ear infection, no inflamed throat, no foggy lungs, only one very healthy baby. Bittersweet. So it’s true, I was that mom that took her baby to the doctor for teething. There are no teeth to show for it in month 8. *inset eye roll*


-Buuuuuuut one thing came from the doctors office, we were able to address an issue that Nixon has been dealing with for awhile. I’ve been woken up in the night by his random screaming, or he’s been found red faced and jaw clenched, trying so so hard to push the poops out, with little to no luck. But because of our teething appointment we were able to get things out of the way (pun intended). Prunes don’t cut it with this kid, so we’ve had to up our game to prunes, and 2 oz. of pear juice a day. I hate that I’m giving my BABY juice, so full of sugar at such a young age! It’s for the greater good, and I water it down but I still just hate it. Some days are better than others, and some days he’s still found struggling and in tears, and it’s so so sad.


-The scrunchy face has made its way into our life. I have no idea where it came from, but it sure it the cutest! When his smile starts to fade, it usually goes to the scrunchy face. Or sometimes he skips the smile and goes straight for the scrunch, and the heavy breathing that come along with. It’s just funny. He’s just funny.


-We were really enjoying our days at the pool, but sadly those have come to an end. He loves the bath/shower/pool and so we would spend a solid hour+ poolside a few days a week. He was always so happy there! All good things must come to an end, until next year, pool, MUAH! I thank you for those happy baby hours!


-We went to Schnepf Farms with some friends and tried out the baby bjourn for the first time. We aren’t really sure if he loved it or hated it. It was close to bed time and he’s usually pretty grumpy after 6 when it’s getting close to bed time. We stayed for a few hours and then he let us know that we were crazy if we thought we would extend his bed time! That, and he HATES sudden loud noises ie: crowds erupting in cheers, football touchdowns, you get the jist.


-Selfies, selfies, selfies. Need I say more?

-Nixon’s schedule hasn’t changed much. He’s started to wake up earlier, it use to be 8:30, then slowly went to 7:45, and now, that sweet little demon, has decided that between 6:15-6:30 is a great time to start crying. None of the adults in our house really like it, but how do you change it? Ugh. Moving on.