Sunday, October 30, 2011


I have recently become obsessed with printables. I have them all over our house! I have one in our bathroom….
one in our family room….
and one in our dining room… almost. It’s in the frame. I just need hub to hang it on the wall already!
but I saw one on Pinterest that caught my eye….
tom and lucy
I love it!
except I knew I couldn’t order it. and I didn’t want it to say Tom and Lucy, although, I’m sure they are lovely people. Again, while browsing through the wonderful world of pinterest I stumbled upon this website, and I knew exactly what I was going to do with it. (PS I have fixed Minnie Mouse)
Jim and Kensley Printable
I can’t wait to print it!! but where on earth am I going to put it?! I think this is getting a little out of control!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Holy Craft

To sum up in two words what’s been going on around our house lately: Holy Craft
That’s right, folks. This girl here has become some sort of domestic goddess.
I think a picture story would do it a lot more justice.
To start off… We got some new additions to our family…
That’s right. I paid the pretty price of a plate of cookies for these bad boys. Isn’t the love seat just amazing?! We have the full length couch is in our spare bedroom. We tried to get it into the office, but the doorway to hall ratio is… well… off.

Now on to the food… There’s been lots of food in my life. We had Jen and Bryce over for the ASU football game, so naturally I had to attempt to make every bite size food possible! So I made Guacamole, salsa, Apple Dip, and I saw hopes of potato skins… but things didn’t go so well. Then last week, cousin Paige asked me to babysit for her. When I was on my way over to her house, she somehow tricked me into going to cooking class with her, so Glen, Paige, and I headed over to Whisked Away for some cooking lessons. Paige and I made bread pudding, and I’m still drooling over it.
After the cooking class I became a little bit more inspire. I made chicken pesto stuffed shells, and some other yummy chicken stuff. Both amazing. I’ve also made some not so  amazing things, but we don’t blog about our imperfections now do we?
Onto Projects….
Halloween is coming up… what? You didn’t know? So I pulled out the Fall candle’s and soaps that I bought…. oh a month ago?
Aren’t they the cutest? Yes I have an obsession. I’m a SOAP SNOB as my husband has called me. :)
And say hello to our fall decorations. I’m so sad I forgot to take a picture of the witch towel my mom sent me last year. It’s seriously so cute!

But these are my personal favorites. I made both of them and I LOVE them. I want to make more and put them everywhere in my house. Tacky?
Almost half way…. and finished! For now this one lives in the guest bathroom. The only problem is, I don’t use this bathroom enough.
Jim and I have a really awkward space between our two mirrors and I’ve tried and tried to come up with something to put between them. Alas… I have found the perfect solution.
Perfect right? I’m currently obsessed with quote printables. I don’t know why… but I just love them!
Last, but not least…. our front door.
Wait your obsessed with coffee filter wreathes, printables, and moss letters too? I’m so happy I’m not alone.

What’s next?!

PS. Check out my sister in laws blog for amazing fall food!