Friday, March 28, 2014

10, 11, and 12 Months!

You could definitely say I’ve been a terrible mom in the blog category lately and I would not fight you on it. I’ve updated Nixon’s baby book for month 10 and 11, so I’m just going to skip to 12 months. My BABY is 12 months. He is so much fun, but as we watch videos of the little tiny baby he use to be I find myself aching to hold and love on that little guy. Let me make it clear, I want to hold THAT tiny baby, not have another baby. So here is what my baby is doing at 12 months!


-We are off everything baby and onto real food. He loves toast, mac and cheese, grilled cheese, and quesadillas. Pretty much anything with cheese, except actual slices of cheese. He’s picky and it’s ridic.

-Nixon has a very specific nap schedule. Wakes up at 7:45-8:00, nap from 10:00-12:00, and again from 3:00-5:00. There’s been a few times that I’ve tried to skip the first nap and go down early for the second and he does totally fine all morning. But the second nap is rough, he wakes up a bunch and only sleep for about an hour and a half. If he has the first nap he will sleep for a total of 4 hours during the day. Take a guess at what I prefer?

-He’s started to really crawl. I thought he’d be an army crawler forever!


-We survived a road trip to Utah over Christmas. And I truly mean survived. On the way up we drove through the night, and it was really hard. A Strom hit as we were pulling into Salt Lake making the last 30 minutes take much longer. The way home we drove through the day and it didn’t take as long but we were sure happy to finally be home!

-Pulls himself up on everything and walks along the furniture, but will not stand on his own! He can, but he just buckles his knees and squats down. He’s just goofy like that.


-We now have a forward facing baby in the car. Holy moly it is so nice. I love being able to see him, and hand him snacks and water when he gets cranky!

-He has figured out how to open my makeup drawer, and loves to feel around for something to grab and drop on the ground. It’s one of my least favorite games.

-We had our first real babysitter on Valentines day, the day before his birthday and he did great! Say hello to date nights again! (I was really sad that I wasn’t going to be the one putting my baby down for the last time though)


-Jim has started to read Nixon the “Where’s Spot?” after the bath and he looooooves it! As soon as we go in the guest bedroom for lotion and jammies he looks around for the book and says “da”! Can’t be sure if it’s for “Dad” “dog” “book” or just the only sound he can really make. Either way, I’m impressed.

-I still give him a bottle of milk twice a day. Mostly I’m just holding onto the fact that he’s still my baby. I can’t let it go! STOP GROWING!!!!


-We’ve been going to the park a lot with this nice weather and we’ve discovered that Nixon isn’t the biggest fan on the grass. He just doesn’t love it on his legs, but it doesn’t stop him from exploring.


-First hair cut! Nixon’s friend Porter’s mom offered to give Nixon a little trim because lets be honest, he was looking a little homeless. He did SOOOO good! He just sat there and watched videos of himself and before I knew it my baby was not so much a baby anymore! We did put some of those baby hairs in a bag and I’ll keep them forever and ever.


-He learned how much fun it is to throw the blankets over the edge of the crib. He thinks it’s so entertaining but then when he is ready to go to sleep he get’s mad because they are on the floor. He loves those dang blanky’s so much.

-Speaking of blanky’s, Nixon REALLY love them. I was upstairs cleaning the bathroom and Nixon was playing in his room and his blanky was in the crib. Then I heard his sweet voice of “ohhhhhhhhhhh, awwwwwwwww, ohhhhh” and he had pulled the blanket through the rails and I was hugging it and rolling around with it on the floor. That’s what he does when he really loves something. I had the dryer open a little one day and he loves to open and close the door but when he saw that his blanky’s were inside he got so excited and pulled them out and cuddle them and roll around on the floor with them saying “ohhhhhh”. Where does he get this stuff??



-We had a small party at the park to celebrate Nixon’s birthday! Who would have thought that February 15 it would be 85 degrees outside? We weren’t exactly ready for that kind of heat! It was good to see all our friends, and the babies had fun playing with the ice in the cooler. When it came time for cake Nixon wasn’t so sure about it. The frosting was sticky and he’s not a real fan of that. Once he got a taste of it things got better.

-I love just sitting and watching Nixon play and discover things, but one of my favorite things is when Nixon finds something, like a tube of toothpaste that he’s pulled off the counter, and he puts it in his mouth and just crawls away. I don’t know what about it is so amazing, but he just has to take it with him across the room, take it out of his mouth and examine it, and then repeat!

-In January We can down with a case of croup. It was so sad to give Nixon breathing treatments every 3-4 hours, but luckily he LOVES watching videos of himself on our phones. So he snuggled right in for a 20 minute movie shesh and just like that we were over it!

-The other thing he loves to do is crawl with something in his hand! Its usually a car or a remote and he will hold it in his hand,  and just take off. The cars are the best because its just like he is rolling them across the house!


-We went through a phase where all he wanted to do was climb the stairs and play upstairs. I am so glad that phase is over! He can climb like a champ, but he doesn’t understand that he will fall and kill himself on the tile.


All in all, we just love our big guy!! We can’t image what life would be like without him, but I’m sure it would be boring!