Wednesday, January 5, 2011


I've never been one for new years resolutions, and this year is no different. Don't get me wrong, it always crosses my mind... I need to loose 10 lbs, I need to be a better cook... the list goes on. So this post isn't about how much weight I'm going to loose in 2011, or how I'm going to cook every meal my tiny family eats, It's about how freaking AWESOME 2010 was! I was reading a friend's blog and she did this same thing and I loved it. So thank you, Amanda, I'll openly admit that I stalk/love your blog. (PS I have a really good trifle recipe too, but yours looks way better!)

My two best friends moved in with me for a few weeks while Rowland was out of town

I started to miss this kid. He left for two years!!!

We had the spring break of a life time from snow...

To sand

I got a new accessory and celebrated birthday's!

Finished my last semester at MCC, and Husband graduated with his Bachelors.
(Sadly I had a final on the day of his graduation and couldn't attend)

I got a job

Married the most handsome man in the world

Wore the best bathing suit from my best friends in the Bahamas

We added to the family

We went on a very cold trip to LA and Disneyland

We spent a little time in Mexico for Thanksgiving with amazing family

We went home for the Holiday's!!

2010, you were so freaking good to me. I guess in a way my "new years resolution" would be to make 2011 even better then 2010... but I think it's going to be tough!