Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Maple Street

Oh ya, and we bought a house!

Monday, August 19, 2013

6 Month Update

Oh, sweet Baby Guy. 6 Months has come and gone, and you are just as cute as ever. This month was a big one…
-You became quite the rolly polly. You were pretty good at rolling back to front, but now you are professional at rolling all directions. I can’t just leave you on the bed and run down the hall anymore and I’m running out of ideas where you can play by yourself now.
-You cut your first tooth, and you are the cutest little snaggle tooth. Your bottom left middle showed real good signs of being there one day, and then a few days later it just popped right up! Now it’s growing out of control and I’m happy to report that you have only bit me twice. Thank you. I thought the one next to it would have joined us by now, but he’s decided to stay at bay.
-You laugh like crazy, and blow bubbles like it’s going out of style.
- You are in the 50th% for weight (17lbs. 5oz.) and head (44.25cm) and 75th% for height (27.25in.). Dad is happy about this, mom is sad because I LOVE a chubby chubby baby.
-You FINALLY don’t scream every time we get in the car. It is such a relief. But if it’s within an hour of bed time, then you are sure to still put on a show. You win some, you loose some.
-I put a video of you laughing on instagram about a month ago and it is your FAVORITE video ever. If you are upset I can play it and you instantly start to smile huge, laugh and blow bubbles. Sometimes I even play it when you scream in the car and you blow bubbles, but after those 15 seconds you get upset instantly so we listen to it on repeat. It doesn’t bother me at all because is there honestly a better sound then a laughing baby? Answer: No.
-You've really become good at sitting up on your own. I can't leave you there, but if I put a toy between your legs that usually will be enough to prop you up, until you try and eat it and then tip over. Progress!
-As soon as we start to count to three you have a huge smile. You know something exciting will happen when three comes no matter what.
-You are a water baby. If you look really close I’m sure you can see gills.
-You love your food still. You nurse usually ever 3-4 hours, and love your fruit! But don’t worry, you still eat your veggies even if they aren’t your favorite.
-Recently you’ve put yourself to sleep a few times. If I can’t nurse you to sleep for whatever reason I’ll put you down and you will talk and play for 20 minutes with minimal whining and the next thing I know you are asleep.
-I’ve heard that at 6 months any schedule you’ve had usually gets thrown out the window and you start from square one. This has been true for you. You still wake up around 8:30 (thank you thank you thank you) and will go down about 2 hours later for an hour, then awake for two hours, and now you will go down for 2+ hours, then awake for two hours, down for an hour and so on until we get to bed time. You even slept in until 10:45 last week! (Ok you woke up at 7, ate, and then I put you back down and you fell back to sleep about 30 minutes later)
-You love to stand up and bounce. You’ve taken a new liking to the doggie and watch him all the time. Sometimes you smile, sometimes you just watch. I think you are still trying to figure each other out. You don’t hate each other, but I wouldn’t say you LOVE each other just yet. You are guilty of putting your hands in his mouth, and he loves it. He does love to lick your toes and you just kick him in the face. Like I said, you don’t LOVE each other yet.
-You took your 6 month shots like a champ. You were cranky and whined through the whole appointment because you should have been napping, but you didn’t cry for too long after those 3 pokes, and I didn’t either! Win for both of us.
-You are loved. If nothing else, child, you. Are. LOVED.