Wednesday, August 13, 2014

May and June Catch Up

So May was a pretty important month, Nixon FINALLY started walking! He took probably 10 steps two different times while we were in Utah in April, but never tried again. Then after lots of moral support he started getting more confident and just took off!

We also lived at the park! When the weather wasn’t too hot us moms would plant our butts in the shade and the babies (and dogs) would run (or crawl) like wild men! Nixon ALWAYS took the best naps after that. Sigh… soon enough fall. Soon enough. We also were lucky enough to drag those husbands to the park too! They made for some of my favorite “date nights”.


If we weren’t at the park, you were sure to find us enjoying the splash pad. I’ll be honest though, Nixon really hates it. He just sits and eats snacks for like 2 hours and I occasionally drag him in the water when I’ve over heated. But its gated in so I know he isn’t going anywhere and for that reason alone we continue going back.


Nixon didn’t really understand that you don’t eat the stick, and apparently really didn’t want Calvin to share with him

Preston also turned 4 in May! And LUCKY FOR US Tay was able to stop by for a half a second, and that was one of the best moments of my life. I just really miss her! Sisterwives reunite!


This was also about the time I took away Nixon’s Morning nap. Truly bittersweet. He went from 2 2hr naps, to one 3-4 hour nap. It really opens up my mornings! buuuuuuut that means I NEVER shower before 2. like ever.


June! What a month. I can’t tell you just how many times a day Nixon hits his head. Literally like 10, at least. And he cries every. single. time. There is usually at least one time that I would say is cry worthy, but every other time its just him being clumsy letting that big ol’ noggin get in the way. But this time really took the cake. Face plant into the dresser knob. It didn’t bleed, but it was a HUGE pump that almost had a hole in the middle? Even now 2 months later when he scrunches his nose you can see the dent. It was dramatic and traumatic for sure. So funny that I took this selfie (Clearly he loves a good selfie) right before it happened, and then right after. It gives you a nice idea of how huge it really was. I’m shocked no one called CPS!


Probably my favorite part of June however was the transformation our backyard took! When we moved in I can not exaggerate how descusting it was out there. I wouldn’t go out there. Ever. Not to take out the trash, not to even envision where I wanted it to go. Never. One afternoon shortly after we moved in Jim spent all day out there just clearing out crap (literally. Stale old dog crap) and creating piles of garbage, and trimming the few bushes we had. He found an old Christmas tree (or two??) some weights, a wheel barrel a fire pit and even a pipe and lighter inside the outlet cover! We knew we had to do something with the nasty broken hot tub still, but what a difference! It gave me hope! And then busy season came and kicked our butts and all projects took a back seat until after the Holidays, and then busy season was here again, and before we knew it it was 110 degrees outside and we still had a useless backyard. In January we had the hot tub removed, a few months later removed the pavers, and scooted all the rocks to the side of the yard. I have to give my husband major props! He did 99.9% of the work by himself! I did however move some pavers and rake gravel around all night, but that’s about it. Once he started digging the trenches and I saw things really moving I think I put the pressure on him… SORRY! But it was so exciting! I could actually SEE things changing! After the trenches were in it was about a week until we had a completed backyard. Every night after work he would come home, go to home depot, eat dinner, put Nixon down and head outside. We (mostly HE) would work until about 11 and then go to bed. But every morning I would go outside and just be thrilled with the progress. $500 later I’d say we made a huge improvement and it was well worth his effort, even if it was 10,000 degrees outside! Unfortunately I don’t have very good before pictures, these were from January when it was looking pretty dang good.






June was a good month! I just wish it wasn’t so dang hot so we could enjoy our backyard! July was extra fun too, a trip to Utah and some exciting news! But we will leave that for another day.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Spring Update!

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged and there’s been so much that’s happened since Nixon turned one! This is going to be the longest, most obnoxious photo dump post ever, and I don’t even care! Here’s a little of what we’ve been up to!

In March my BFF Melissa was able to come to AZ and have a baby shower! Diana out did herself, of course, and through the cutest shower ever! Most of all it was just great to have my best friends in the same place for 24 hours and enjoy time together! I’m STILL carrying around the 5lbs I gained when they came to town… thanks guys. I guess it’s love.


In April I took a work trip to Utah for 10 days. Thinking about it now, it was great. Living it? Not as great. Nixon goes through a really funny phase when we are anywhere but home. If I leave a room he has a COMPLETE melt down. It was hard. It’s still hard, but I suppose he’s getting better? He ended up also getting an eye infection, so that was really crappy. The moment we landed in AZ he was healed, I’m not even exaggerating. Something about that dry desert air is good for the soul.



Do you see a common theme with this trip? I love those baby cuddles but… yikes.

We also Celebrated Birthdays, Easter, and our my love affair with the splash pad. Seriously, they are great. Now someone queue Nixon into the greatness




At the end of the month we took a trip to our favorite place ever, Mexico! Traveling with a baby isn’t exactly ideal, but we still made the best of it! We went with our friends the Smiths, of course. The reason for the trip? My amazing husband turned 30! That’s right ladies and gentlemen, he is the big 3-0! and we love him all the same!







If it looks like we spent all day at the beach, we did. And eating. What is there more to love than that? We’ve had a fun busy few months and now I’m exhausted from this so you will have to wait for a few more months to get another update.